“If I Were a Zombie…”

As we’re preparing for Halloween here at the Book Table, I am reminded of a video that our music manager Lauren showed to us last October. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Be sure to check out the book Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. It’s a great romantic story about a zombie and a human. And the ending in the book is very different from the ending in the movie 😉

For a longer description of Warm Bodies and other zombie books, click here

Also, if you’re looking for other zombie-type things to do this Halloween, why not check out the game Zombie Fluxx?

Zombie Fluxx is the zombie uprising card game with ever-changing rules. Like Fluxx, players start off with the basic rules: draw 1, play 1. After that, everything changes. There are now six types of cards: Keeper cards (possessions), New Rule cards (changes gameplay rules), Action cards (one-time actions), Goal cards (victory conditions), Creeper cards (undesirable Keepers), Ungoal cards (conditions in which everybody loses). Meet the goal to win the game. A constantly-changing and challenging, but light and ultimately fun game.

  • 2 to 6 Player Game
  • 30 Minutes to play
  • The ever changing zombie card game
  • Great party game
  • It is a card game
  • Product Measures: 4.88 x 3.75 x  12.5 inches
  • Recommended Ages: 8 – 12 years

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