Thanksgiving Baking: Fall Dinners and other meals

Here at The Book Table, we pride ourselves in having almost anything a customer could want. In addition to our books and music, we also have a special line of food related products. For this last month of Fall, we have a couple different delectable meals you should definitely try!

Harvest Spice Cocoa Mix

Enjoy the taste of your favorite fall flavors in Snoopy’s Harvest Spice Chocolate Cocoa!

Harvest Pasta

These leaf- and pumpkin-shaped noodles would make a fun and beautiful pasta salad side dish for Thanksgiving dinner, or they could spruce up any classic soup dish. They are also super delicious added to your favorite pasta sauce. There are many ways to enjoy these fun pasta shapes this fall. We also have spaghetti noodles in Fall colors that would be a great addition to any meal!

Harvest Table Favorite Autumn Recipes

An easy-to-use recipe book with 24 of our favorite Autumn recipes and 24 blank designer cards to add your favorites! Recipes include Turkey Tortellini Soup, Scrumptious Squash Casserole, and Icebox Dinner Rolls.


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