November 2013 Piano Sale!

baldwin piano In lieu of Black Friday sales here at The Book Table, we have two other great sales events during the holiday season. The first one is the Piano Sale, which will be happening next week, November 25-30 2013. You don’t want to miss this sale!

photo 1

You know you’ve had your eyes on that baby grand for awhile, and who could blame you? Our baby grands are absolutely gorgeous! Not only do we keep them polished to perfection, we have them maintained and tuned at least once a year. Our uprights are something to brag about, too. Our uprights are all made out of quality wood. Just to name a few, we carry beautiful American Walnut, Satin French Cherry, and Polished Mahogany upright pianos. Our uprights range from professional to student grade, and are always in tip-top shape.

photo 2

We will be selling these beautiful pianos at or near our cost on them, so make sure to subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook to get more updates and information about the 2013 Piano Sale!

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