Staff Christmas Picks: LDS Department

Amid all the hubbub the holiday season brings, it can sometimes be hard to remember what’s really important about this time of year. If you’re looking for a little inspiration or perhaps a sweet story to feed your soul, look no further than the LDS Department here at The Book Table.

LDS Department

Christmas From Heaven: The True Story of the Berlin Candy Bomber by David T. Warner

“This book is great for children and adults alike. It is a great reminder of the impact that one little act of service can have, a great thing to remember during the holiday season.”

Christmas_from_heaven_5108410_detailChristmas from Heaven is the story of the humble beginnings of what became a beacon of hope to a war-torn land, the story of Gail Halvorsen, a young pilot in the US Army Air Corps who was assigned as a cargo pilot to the Berlin Airlift, in which US forces flew much-needed supplies into a Soviet-blockaded Berlin.

As he performed his duties, Lt. Halvorsen began to notice the German children gathered by the fences of Temelhof Air Base. Knowing they had very little, he one day offered them some chewing gum. From that small act, an idea sprang: He would “bomb” Berlin with candy. Fashioning small parachutes, he and his crew sent them floating down as they approached the Berlin airport., wiggling the wings of their C-54 as a signal to the children that their anticipated cargo would soon arrive.

Lt. Halvorsen became known by hundreds, if not thousands, of children in Berlin as “Uncle Wiggly Wings” or “The Candy Bomber”. Word soon spread, and donations of candy and other supplies poured in from sympathetic Americans. Lt. Halvorsen’s small idea became a great symbol of hope not only to German children in a bombed-out city, but to all those who yearned for freedom.

This edition of the book includes a CD with a reading of the book by Tom Brokaw, featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square.

Christmas Crossroads by Alma J. Yates

“This is a great book for those who have time to read a short novel (only 100 pages!). It’s a heartwarming romance; perfect to cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate and lose yourself in for an afternoon.”

Christmascrossroads_detailJP Morrison relished living life in the fast lane— two years ago, he walked away from his family and his faith and didn’t look back. But in recent months, his glittering lifestyle has begun to tarnish, and something about the holidays leaves him feeling empty. Desperate to capture a bit of holiday cheer, JP’s plan to spend the holidays with a friend is disrupted when a massive snowstorm leaves him trapped at a gas station not far from his family’s home. Among his fellow stranded travelers is Genie, a beautiful young woman whose character reminds JP of the man he once was—and can become again. As the pair work together to create Christmas miracles for the other gas-station refugees, JP finds himself yearning for home. Is it too late for reconciliation, or will JP witness his own holiday miracle?

No Ordinary Shepherd by Toni Sorenson

“This short, sweet book is great for a small gift for neighbors or anyone who could use a little bit of inspiration.”

18715478As the sun beams brightly on the hills surrounding Palestine, one young shepherd boy thoughtfully considers the significance of the day. The child, crippled in a terrible accident, has always treasured his shepherd father’s tale of that starlit night so many years before–a night filled with the wonder of angelic heralds, and a tiny Bethlehem stable sheltering the chosen Messiah. Now, years since that sacred event, tales of Jesus of Nazareth’s miraculous birth touch the young boy’s faith. When he meets the gentle stranger in the hills–a man strangely familiar to him–the faithful young shepherd encounters a miracle of his own.

**Our selection of LDS Christmas books, pamphlets, and other product is not limited to what you see on this post. To see the full glory of our Christmas displays, please come visit us, Monday-Saturday, 10-8! Also, feel free to give us a call at (435) 752-3055!**

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