National Read Across America Day

Yesterday was Dr. Suess’s birthday, and to celebrate it, the National Education Association is holding Read Across America Day today.

To help you celebrate this fun holiday, we have put together a display of most of our Dr. Suess product. We have stickers, books, book marks, and achievement certificates.

In addition, here are a couple of recommendations for books to check out from our book-loving employees!


Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier

“This books is good for fans of Shannon Hale or Jessica Day George. It is along the same style of their retellings of fairy tales.  This one includes the Twelve Dancing Princesses and the Frog Princess.  The book follows a girl named Jena as she tries to support her sisters while her father goes out of town for the winter.  They dance every night, but then the magic starts leaking into their world.  I love the author’s writing style, and the depth of the characters is great. Even though it is a fantasy, I could relate to the problems that the characters were facing.  The story line has a good mix of adventure, problem solving and magic.”


The Secret Journal of Brett Colton by Kay Lynn Mangum
“WOW! I cannot even begin to describe how much I love this book. It is a simply beautiful and touching story that will take your breath away. The Secret Journal of Brett Colton is about a young girl named Kathy, who can’t stand her older brother, Brett.  He is all her family can talk about; the perfect child. When Brett was sixteen years old, he died of Leukemia. Kathy was only two when this happened, so she doesn’t have any memories of him,. The way her family talks about Brett makes her sick.  But when Kathy turns sixteen, she discovers a hidden journal written especially for her by her brother Brett.  At this time, Kathy is in high school, dealing with the life of homework, boys, and popularity.  At school, she meets Jason West, a football player, who even worse, is a Mormon. I have personally gotten to know this LDS author who has brilliantly written about the importance of loving our families and friends and for standing up for our faith and what we believe in. I can read it billions of times and never get bored of it. Ever. I highly recommend this book!”


The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

“Shannon Hale has a way of pulling the reader into her stories from page one. I love her style of writing and the way she is able to paint the story with vivid wording and phrases. Her character development and plot twists allow her readers to feel like a part of the story. The Goose Girl is a retelling of a classic tale of fantasy, love, and adventure. It is perfect novel for young adults; the characters are complete with raw emotions that are easy to relate to.  This book is definitely a worth-while read, and will leave you wanting more!”


Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George

“A few months ago, Karen talked me into reading all of Jessica Day George’s books, and I have to say that Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow is by far my favorite of hers. This retelling of the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche follows the unnamed Lass as she agrees to live with a bear in an ice palace for one year in exchange for food and shelter for her family. However, things aren’t always as they seem. The Lass is a curious girl who questions the staff in the ice palace fearlessly. She discovers frightening clues that only make the mysterious circumstances in which she is living even more mysterious. The Lass is a strong female character who faces each of her challenges with grace and tenacity. Fans of Beauty and the Beast will enjoy this great fairy tale.”

What do you think? Leave a comment here!

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