What to get the graduating class of 2014

High school graduation is a big day in the lives of teenagers everywhere.  It is a day counted down to from the beginning of high school careers. Graduation is a stepping stone to bigger things for graduates, and here at The Book Table we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect gift for your 2014 graduate!

Our wonderful General Books Department manager, Jeanne, has collaborated with a couple of other managers in the store to create a “Graduation Table” at the back of the store. On this display, you will find books, scrapbooking supplies, and more to help make Graduation 2014 a day worth remembering. Come in and check it out!

Goodbye High School, Hello World: A Real-Life Guide for Graduates by Bruce Bickel & Stan Jantz

Life: The Final Exam

You’ve graduated from high school. Now what? There are so many uncertainties and unanswered questions about  college, jobs, friends, dating, money, moving out of the house…the list is endless. Your life is about to change from one of multiple choices to one in which you write the essay, including what you believe and why. This is a new beginning and your life will never be the same.

Authors Bruce and Stan offer real answers to your real questions (including some you may not have even thought of yet). From managing your money and your changing relationship with your parents to setting goals and staying healthy, think of this as a guidebook for how to prepare for your future, not the least of which is taking God along with you on your journey. Whether you’re off to college, preparing to get a job, or not really sure what’s next, you’ll be ready to say “Good-bye high school, hello world.”

Bring It!: A Little “Baggage” to Help the High School Graduate Carry On by Tom Hegg

Bring It!: A Little BRING IT!, first written as a high school commencement speech, shares a message of congratulations and encouragement to graduates as they transition from high school to the next pivotal stage of their life. Hegg, a master story teller and beloved teacher reminds alum that the most important “things” to bring along don’t take up any space…personal integrity, conscience, character, your honor and your word are just a few recommendations.

BRING IT! is the quintessential message to share with any high school grad who is looking to the future with anticipation of all that lies ahead.

Yay, You!: Moving Up and Moving On by Sandra Boynton

Moving Out, Moving Up, Moving On 

For new graduates, or for anyone facing imminent change, here is profound insight, bold inspiration, and truly ensloxifying advice. Also an occasional hippo. No wombats. 

What’s more, Yay,You! will not overstress the weary mind. It’s nice and short, with lots of pictures, no chapters, no index, no graphs, no study questions, and not a single Suggestion for Further Reading. 

Portable, colorful, and low in saturated fats, this is truly the perfect gift for that special onwardly-mobile someone. 

There are so many choices. The world is immense. Take a good look around and decide what makes sense…

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