Father’s Day is June 15th…are you ready?

Now that school is finally out, it is prime time to start thinking about what to get for good-ol’-dad this Father’s Day. Don’t worry too much about it, here at the Book Table we are stocked with great ideas to give him, whether the gift is coming from a small child or a wife, we’ve got you covered. Come in and check out our great displays in both the LDS and General Books departments for all of your Father’s Day 2014 needs.

Here are some of our LDS department highlights for Father’s Day:

9,000 Miles of Fatherhood: A True Story by Kirk Millson

Forced out of his high-ranking editorial position at the local newspaper, Kirk Millson can’t bear the thought of starting all over and crawling back to the copy desk. So when his new boss offers him a leave of absence, Kirk jumps at the chance to realize his dream of driving the more than 4, 000 miles from Salt Lake City to Panama’s Darien Gap. His wife readily consents, with one minor catch: he has to take his son Peter along for the ride.

Follow Kirk and his emotionally estranged 13-year-old son on a four-month-long journey in this true, no-frills travelogue. In spite of robbers, corrupt law enforcement, and their subpar Spanish, Kirk and his son, Peter, undergo astonishing transformations. 9,000 Miles of Fatherhood is the hilarious yet hair-raising memoir that follows a timid boy’s rise from D student to straight-A academic juggernaut and his father’s rediscovery of a purpose far greater than the job he left behind.

Guy Stuff in the Scriptures by Mike Winder

Guy_stuff_scripturesThe scriptures are full of inspiration and guidance for today’s troubled times, but they also contain gripping adventures, entertaining asides, and stuff that guys really like. From weapons and gadgets to food and fortune to humor and science and on to epic battles of good vs. evil, the words of the ancient prophets provide engaging accounts of real people who had faith in the midst of adversity. In Guy Stuff in Scriptures, popular author Mike Winder breathes new life into the gospel study routine by inspiring readers to view the standard works not as simple words on a page but as a treasure trove of stories, teachings, and adventures that are remarkably applicable in our day. He’s convinced that as men and young men learn to have fun with the scriptures, they will find themselves drawn to their pages again and again.

Unlocking the Power of your Priesthood by David J. Ridges

Unlocking-the-Power-of-your-Priesthood-David-J-Ridges_978-1-4621-1387-3You never know when you will be called upon to exercise your priesthood. Worthiness to hold and use the priesthood is not a suit faithful men wear on Sundays and hang in the closet the rest of the week. In this Father’s Day booklet, bestselling author David J. Ridges shares powerful examples of priesthood power in action and addresses some of these questions:

  • What if your faith isn’t “up to par” when called upon to give a blessing?
  • What can you do to spiritually prepare before administering blessings?
  • What if clear inspiration does not come when giving a blessing?

Gain preparation and confidence so that you are prepared to administer to the sick and give blessings of counsel and comfort at any moment.

And don’t forget to check out our great selection of CTR rings and ties!

Please remember that although we can order in CTR rings in almost any size, we do need about 2 weeks to process and receive the order. 

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