Father’s Day product in General Books

Our holiday display in General Books is always teeming with great novels, non-fiction, and other fun product such as decor, puzzles, and art. For Father’s Day, we’ve also included Mustache Groomers and Vinyl Record Clocks. We’ve also selected a few of our personal favorite books to highlight below.

Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

In Dad is Fat, stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan, who’s best known for his legendary riffs on Hot Pockets, bacon, manatees, and McDonald’s, expresses all the joys and horrors of life with five young children—everything from cousins (“celebrities for little kids”) to toddlers’ communication skills (“they always sound like they have traveled by horseback for hours to deliver important news”), to the eating habits of four-year-olds (“there is no difference between a four year old eating a taco and throwing a taco on the floor”). Reminiscent of Bill Cosby’s FatherhoodDad is Fat is sharply observed, explosively funny, and a cry for help from a man who has realized he and his wife are outnumbered in their own home.

Handy Dad in the Great Outdoors by Todd Davis

Slacklining, edible bugs, tarp surfing, and more! In this awesome follow-up to the hugely popular Handy Dad, extreme sports athlete and TV host Todd Davis gathers more than 30 projects and activities sure to get kids outside and entertained for hours. With easy-to-follow instructions, helpful photographs, and detailed line illustrations, Handy Dad in the Great Outdoors is packed with all the essentials. From simple campsite know-how to more ambitious building projects (tepee anyone?), plus a few pranks for good measure, this book has something for every family and every place—be it the back country or the backyard.

Dad and Me: A Keepsake Coloring Book

From the inside flap: 

Dear Grownups,

This is a “coloring” book meant to be FULL of your child’s brilliant ideas and drawings! You can help your child fill each page by asking lots of questions such as:

  • What else does this picture need?
  • What can you add to this part?
  • What is missing here?
  • What can you draw in this space?
  • Can you show me?

There is no right or wrong way for your child to show his/her story…it’s all about creative expression! So have fun and enjoy this book with your child for years to come!

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