2014 Sidewalk Sale Authors and Performers

Every year at the annual Downtown Logan Sidewalk Sale, we invite local authors to come and sign their books in our store, and local performers to perform some of their music. This year we have an especially great lineup, and we’re excited to announce these authors and performers will be with us this Friday from 3-6 pm. Click on their names to find out more about the authors and performers and their work!

Lorisa Pulotu will be performing songs from her CD Crimson Sky. Lorisa performs with us every summer for Sidewalk Sale, and every December for Midnight Madness. We love her music! Be sure to drop by and catch some of her performance on Friday afternoon.

Charlotte Maynard will be with us again if you missed her earlier this summer. She will be signing her book Blood of the Wolf. Here is a small synopsis of her book: When she gets into a car accident with her mother, it changes Kaylee Losee forever. Infected by her mother, she discovers the family secret and how she is now a part of it. She struggles to learn about the wolf that is suddenly contained within her. With the help of her mom and a previously unknown grandmother, Kaylee fights to keep the wolf under control, before someone she cares about gets hurt or killed.

Kim Rives is a cancer survivor who had an exceptionally spiritual experience while battling the disease that almost claimed her life. After her miraculous recovery, she used her talents to become both a musical performer and an author, and she will have her CD Miracles Can Happen as well as her book My Walk Thru Heaven available for purchase at our author signing event.


Marion Jensen, former Cache Valley resident and brother to two of our very own employees here at The Book Table, will be signing his book Almost Super. Here is a short synopsis of this fun book:  Everyone over the age of twelve in the Bailey family gets a super power. No one knows why, and no one questions it. All the Baileys know is that it’s their duty to protect the world from the evil, supervillainous Johnson family. *shake fists* But when Rafter Bailey and his brother Benny get their superpowers, they’re, well . . . super-lame. Rafter can strike matches on polyester, and Benny can turn his innie belly button into an outie. Along with Rafter’s algebra class nemesis, Juanita Johnson, Rafter and Benny realize that what they thought they knew about superheroes and supervillains may be all wrong. And it’s up to the three of them to put asides their differences and make things right. They may not have great powers, but together, they’re almost super.

Dennis Austin is a retired biologist from Hyrum who enjoys fishing and adventuring in the wild. He will be signing his two books, Black Bears Prefer Milkshakes and Mule Deer, which both explore common wildlife issues faced here in the valley.

Doug Mottonen from River Heights will be signing his book If Barns Could Talk: Stories of Utah Barns, a great book featuring stories and beautiful photographs of historic Utah barns, including three barns from here in Cache Valley!

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