Book Launch this Thursday!

Jolynne Lyon, Lewiston native and author of a new mystery novel, Truth is Relative: A Truth Inducer Mystery, is coming to officially launch her book with us this Thursday, August 7 from noon until 3 pm. 

From the back cover:

Anthony Blackwell’s “gift” compels people to confess their deepest secrets.

It corrupts his relationships, derails his career and drives him toward eviction–until he becomes Anthony Bishop, private investigator. His first case drops him into deadly family drama that will save him financially, if it doesn’t kill him first.

Join us in helping Jolynne Lyon launch her book with style! Along with selling her new book, she will be bring along her husband who will be baking Lyon Bread, a homemade bread recipe, for us to sample.

J.J. LyonIn the words of the author: “I am a wife, mom, public relations professional and recovering journalist. My passion for prose and my love of the American West are so intertwined, I don’t think I can separate them. When I run out of words, I reach for my camera, take off on a back road and return home with a bucketful of inspiration. I live in a mountain valley with my husband, three children, some cats, two goats, a bird and a basset hound.”


What do you think? Leave a comment here!

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