Another Book Signing this SATURDAY

C.R. Willie will be with us on Saturday August 9 from 5:00-7:30 pm signing his book Heavy Metal.

About the book: Deep in the bowels of the Samaria Mountains, Jack Crampton labors in search of the “mother lode” He knew he was getting close when the last blaster had revealed evidence of lead and silver, and an enormous deposit of a grayish, chalky mineral. This worthless mineral Jack had discovered turns out to be the catalyst to a heart-pounding thriller that leads from the legend of the “Iron Door” through the disaster of the Bay of Pigs, to the brink of nuclear war at the Cuban Missile Crisis. Burt Jones, retired air force officer, leads the way in a race against time to control this “heavy metal” which will decide U.S. military might, or subjection to Soviet domination. HEAVY METAL draws from a local legend amid rumors about Jesse James and the Wild West in uncovering a secret that could change the course of history. The prologue sets the stage for this historical fiction novel, which causes the reader to wonder about a much different world than the one that exists today, had this tale turned out differently. Who will end up with the map to the “Iron Door” and who will be left to regret its loss? Possession means military might; its loss means subjection to the Kremlin.

About the author: C.R. (Randy) Willie grew up in the West with the freedom that comes with life in small town America. Always intrigued by a local legend of an “Iron Door” that concealed a hidden treasure, he explored in the shadows of the Samaria Mountains where the treasure was supposed to be and where this story begins. With a bachelor’s degree from Utah State University, and master degrees from Idaho State University and the University of Idaho, Randy teaches secondary English and history. Along with teaching, he also coaches high school sports and owns a private driver’s education school. Randy lives in Idaho with his wife, Lois. They have four children and eight grandchildren.

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