2015 Course of Study — New Testament

This year in Gospel Doctrine Sunday School classes, we will be studying the New Testament.  Here are some suggestions of great reads that can help you in your study this year:

New Testament Who’s Who Illustrated Edition by Richard J. Allen

Enhance your gospel study with this incredible new resource that provides an encyclopedia-like portrayal of every person found in the New Testament. In this beautifully illustrated volume, more than 85 color images enhance hundreds of fascinating entries about individuals, prominent and little known, righteous and unrighteous. Each listing is complete with a description of the person, his or her historical context, and a summary of the key contributions of his or her life.

Gleaned from a lifetime of intensive study and instruction, bestselling author and gospel scholar Richard J. Allen has created a useful tool filled with rich entries that bring the ancient world of the New Testament to vibrant life.

Whether you’re an instructor or student of the scriptures, New Testament Who’s Who is a must-have for every LDS family and will be an essential part of your scripture study.

Women of the New Testament by Camille Fronk Olson

During his mortal ministry, the Lord Jesus Christ loved, taught, healed, and interacted with numerous women. More than fifty specific women are introduced in the New Testament, with multitudes of others numbered among the Savior’s followers. Whether these women were identified individually by name or simply mentioned as a devout follower in the crowd, their stories of sacrifice and eager service have rich meaning and application for our lives today.

In this well-researched and richly illustrated companion volume to Women of the Old Testament, author Camille Fronk Olson focuses on many of these remarkable women and explores the influence of Jesus Christ and his gospel on women living in the meridian of time.

It may be surprising to learn that their challenges and personal struggles are not unlike our own. From his beloved mother, to a quiet woman in a crowd, to two sisters each desiring to serve the Lord in her own unique way, to a woman weighed down by sin, they bore a powerful witness of the Savior before and during his earthly ministry. Others, including Lydia, Phebe, and Prisca, proclaimed truth and labored to spread the gospel after his Resurrection.

Amid traditions that frequently marginalized women or restricted them to certain roles, often defining them by their relationship to men, Jesus saw them first as individuals with agency to choose how they would use their God-given gifts.

With exquisite paintings created by the artists of Al Young Studios especially for this volume, Women of the New Testament provides illuminating perspectives on individual women whose examples of faith and devotion continue to inspire us today.

Miracles of the New Testament by Alonzo L. Gaskill

From loaves and fishes to raising Lazarus from the dead, Jesus Christ performed countless miracles during His mortal life. Whether you are a student or teacher of the gospel, you’ll enjoy Alonzo Gaskill’s compilation of the history and symbolism behind each miracle. With deeper understanding of the New Testament, you’ll find a more profound testimony of the Savior’s role in your life.



The Gospels in Harmony by Patrick A. Bishop

One of the richest ways we can experience the scriptures is to follow Jesus Christ through His ministry as presented in the four Gospels. Now it is easier than ever to study the New Testament Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John with The Gospels in Harmony, a beautiful, fully illustrated book that weaves together scripture to create an easy-to-follow chronological and detailed narrative of the Savior’s ministry. In this valuable source of wisdom and inspiration, text from each of the four King James Gospel sources is identified with a unique color, and the Joseph Smith Translation of the Gospels is further identified with an underline. The result is an enlightening guide through the life, teachings, and resurrection of Jesus Christ that reveals essential gospel truths while enhancing understanding of the New Testament in a way that is perfect for family or personal study.

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