Mother’s Day is almost here!

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 10th this year; are you ready?

If you still haven’t quite decided what to get Mom on her special day, be sure to drop by the Book Table and check out our wonderful selection of Mother’s Day gifts! Below are some of the collections we have that are either written by or about real moms. Check them out:

Bedtime for Mommy by Amy K. Rosenthal

When it’s Mommy’s bedtime, she begs her little girl — Five more minutes?

Ok, but then brush your teeth!

But then Mommy wants another glass of water…another story…luckily this little girl is very patient!

A hilarious reversal of the classic bedtime routine in which a little girl puts Mommy to bed.

I Love Mom by Joanna Walsh & Judi Abbot

Show Mom how much you care with this delightful display of parent appreciation which School Library Journal called “a wonderful cuddle-up-and-read choice.”

This charming picture book is a celebration of moms everywhere!


Celebrating Mother’s Day by Jane Suarez

Mother is the most important woman in everyone’s life and she is responsible for making you a better individual of tomorrow. So, this Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to devote to all mothers in the world, and express honor and gratitude towards in the most significant way possible. Mother’s day is the right time when you can express your love for her and tell her how much you love her. You can show your love to her by doing something special for her on Mother’s day. There are many ways by which you can make her feel special on this day. Read this book and find out how.

A Mother’s Greatest Gift by Heidi Poelman

You don’t need to be an expert to be a good mom; you just need the Lord’s help. Learn how to seek out the best parenting Guide the Holy Ghost in this insightful and inspiring book. With personal stories, research, and interviews, this is every mother’s must-read handbook for finding answers and keeping the Spirit in her home.

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