Who Was? What Was? and Where Is?

With over 70 titles and more each year, Penguin’s Who Was? What Was? and Where Is? series makes learning history fun! Each book offers a detailed account of an important historical event or famous figure’s life.

Who Was…

The exciting range of people featured (including musicians and current figures) will motivate readers, and the illustrations will keep interest levels high.

These illustrated biographies provide a lot of great information about fascinating figures in history (and current figures too) while still providing entertainment through the short chapters and illustrations.

What Was…

These books tell you a lot about interesting historic events! They captivate young readers with interesting facts, compelling anecdotes, black-and-white illustrations, and photographs of historic events and places. Timelines and bibliographies enhance readers’ understanding of each event. Perfect for readers who are beyond easy-to-read but not quite ready for long, detailed nonfiction.

Where Is…

New this year are the “Where Is” books. These books tell you all about where certain landmarks, residences, monuments, and historical sites are in a fun way for kids to understand and love.

Our amazing General Books manager has brought it a bunch of these fun, children’s history books and we couldn’t be more excited! Come stop by and check them out!

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