2015 Midnight Madness Authors and Performers

Hey everyone! I hope you are all getting super excited for Midnight Madness this week. We sure are! Below is a list of local authors and performers that will be with us at the event this Friday night from 8  o’clock PM to Midnight. You don’t want to miss this!!

LYNN ALLEN-The Tulip Resistance

BRENDA ANDERSON-Slippers For Hannah & The Christmas Gift

FARLEY ANDERSON-Restoration of our Republic & Book of Revelation Today

David Barker-Science and Religion

MICHAEL BASTDeath’s Academy

JOAN BOREN-Silent Stars

ANDREW CRUSOE – Truth Beyond the Sky


DANETTE HANSEN-Coincidence & Space Gum

BILL JENSEN-Adder in the Path

MELANIE MASON-Line That Divides & Ring of Remaliha

C.S. MAYNARD-Carols Christmas, Victor Frankenstein, &Blood of the Wolf

ADAM MILES – We Are OneDisplaying 64dfde8a-9250-42fa-fcc1-e401a61a35e0.jpg

THE MOON SWINGS BAND – PERFORMERS: Colleen Gordin, Robin Cooper, Karen Campbell, Mardyne Andrews, and Kathi Bischoff

Monae Murray-See ABC’s

BRENDA NELSON-Seefus Learns to Obey, Seefus Goes to Sleep,Seefus Finds a Friend

JOY NEWBOLD-Shai, Where the Dragon Soars, Ghosts in the Attic Book One,I Faced the Wind

KELLY PARKINSON-Ninth Chosen Shadow Prison Ninth Chosen Keeper of the Last

LORI PULOTU-CD’S: Crimson Sky, This Ain’t That Love Song, Angel, Bring Me Home,Starlight Christmas

DARRIN SMITH-DVD’S: How Beautiful & Logan Temple SawmillDisplaying image1.JPGDisplaying image1.JPGDisplaying image1.JPGDisplaying image1.JPG

DAVID TAYLOR-Bring to Life Book of Mormon Stories

EMILY WHEELER-Haunting of Springett Hall

What do you think? Leave a comment here!

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