2016 Course of Study – Book of Mormon

This year in Gospel Doctrine Sunday School classes, we will be studying the Book of Mormon.  Here are some suggestions of great reads that can help you in your study this year:

Bring-To-Life Book of Mormon Studies by David S. Taylor

This book will help you learn, teach, and apply gospel principles in talks, in classes, in your family, and in your own personal study.

Learn to tell stories effectively in your own words by applying Tips on Telling Stories from the Scriptures in the first chapter. Bring the stories to life using the quick-reference Backgrounds and Story Outlines. Fill in details by studying the related scripture References. Make your point by emphasizing applicable Gospel Principles.

You will be guided to discover and draw out gospel principles that each story naturally demonstrates. With this Reference Guide for Speakers, Teachers, Students, and Parents, stories in The Book of Mormon will always be at your fingertips, and you can bring them to life!

The Book of Mormon Made Easier Parts 1-3 by David J. Ridges

In our busy world we sometimes find our scripture study isn’t always productive. The solution is here with The Book of Mormon Made Easier!

Noted teacher and gospel scholar, David J. Ridges, makes the Book of Mormon come alive. Using the same unique in-the-verse notes format as found in his other Gospel Studies Series books, the author helps members gain an instant basic understanding of this book of scripture.

Illustrated Book of Mormon Stories by Karmel H. Newell

Favorite characters and scenes from more than fifty stories in the Book of Mormon come to life in this vividly illustrated reader for the entire family. Written in accessible language and accompanied by color photographs, background information, explanations, and definitions to help your family understand the significance of each scripture story, this book also includes a section on the golden plates and how they came to be translated and published as the Book of Mormon.

Perfect for bedtime stories, individual reading, family scripture study, or family home evening, this timeless volume is sure to become a treasured addition to any LDS home library.

Book of Mormon Who’s Who by Ed J. Pinegar

Enhance your gospel study with this incredible new resource that provides an encyclopedia-like portrayal of every character found in the Book of Mormon. In this beautifully illustrated volume, more than 75 color images enhance more than 300 fascinating entries of individuals, prominent and little known, righteous and unrighteous.

Whether you’re an instructor or student of the scriptures, Book of Mormon Who’s Who is a must-have for every LDS family and will be an essential part of your Book of Mormon study.

Unlocking the Book of Mormon by Daniel H. Ludlow

With this comprehensive, accessible, and easy-to-use commentary covering the entire Book of Mormon, you will dig deeper into the scriptures as you gain new insights from respected gospel scholars. For easy reference and classroom use, page numbers of books, chapters, and verses remain the same as in standard LDS Church editions of the Book of Mormon.

Remarks and annotations are presented to the side of the complete scriptural text along with room for your own notes. Whether you’re a beginning or advanced student of the scriptures, using this powerful study tool will deepen your understanding of The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.


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