Spring 2016 Store Hours

Beginning today, January 9th, until further notice, our store hours will be changing.

Monday-Friday:     10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Saturday:     10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sunday:     Closed

Thank you for your business!


  1. I was over there earlier today. Then I came back at 6:15pm to try and buy your Yamaha P-115B keyboard with the free bench and found that the doors were already closed and locked 😦 Sad thing is, I could have made it over in time but I was not in a hurry because I was sure you were open until 8pm. Apparently I picked the wrong day to find out the hard way that the hours had just changed 😦

    • I sincerely apologize. During the Spring, our Saturday hours are from 10-6. We have it posted on our doors, social media pages, and our website/blog. However we can’t seem to figure out how to temporarily change our phone message and Google. Every other day though we close at 8 pm; closed on Sundays. If you are still interested in the piano, please give us a call and maybe we can chat over the phone.

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