All Things Utah

We have a great Utah section in our General Books Department with tons of cool books full of history about Utah and Cache Valley as well as photography books. Come check them out.

Hidden History of Utah by Eileen Hallet Stone

In the 1840s, land west of the Missouri River was a new frontier for courage, adventure, freedom and true grit. During this era and the decades that followed, Utah became the focal point for many brave settlers yearning for a new way of life. While Utah’s proud Mormon legacy is well documented, there are lesser-known stories that contribute to the state’s fascinating history.

Join public historian, author and history columnist Eileen Hallet Stone for a look into the state’s forgotten past as she presents a revelatory collection of tales culled from her popular Salt Lake Tribune” “Living History” column. From newly freed slaves, early suffragists, desert farmers and union men to railroad kings, cattle barons, influential statesmen and more, this is “Hidden History of Utah.”

Logan, Utah: A 150 Year History by Kenneth W. Godfrey

For more than 150 years Logan has been not only the largest city in Cache Valley, but also the county seat of Cache County, Utah.  There are 454 pages of informative information about the history of Logan, City in this book. Information about many great businesses, some still open today; some have already closed their doors, i.e. Woolworths, the Gem, the Roxey, Main Street in Logan and how its changed over the years, especially in the days before the “Mall.”

Really starts to get your memory rolling, recalling past days growing up in Logan, rather it be roller skating at the roller rink, to ice skating on the ice in the park; or attending USU and some of the great games held there with wonderful professors and students at USU! Eating out at one of the many local restaurants or local malt shops like Wingets, Steeds Dairy Bar, the Bluebird!

Kenneth Godfrey has done a wonderful job bringing back many great memories of Logan, City; along with mention of many great people who have given much to Logan City for the betterment of the community. This book will refresh your memory, and you will enjoy the stroll down memory lane!

Utah: Featuring the Art of Eric Dowdle

See the state of Utah like never before through the highly detailed, whimsical paintings of folk artist Eric Dowdle. His unique style captures the heart and soul of Utah. Its people, places, and heritage come together beautifully in each piece of this spectacular collection that will be cherished for years by those who love this state and great art. This keepsake book makes a perfect gift!

Cache Trails 2004 Edition by Jim Sinclair

The majority of the information for the trails described on this website was taken from the best hiking trails guidebook in the county: Cache Trails: A hiking guide for the trails of the Cache Valley, Utah area, 2004 Edition, by Jim Sinclair.Those trail details that did not come from this book, are explained below.


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