Genealogy & Family History

We have some fun books to help you and your family when it comes to family history and geneology. We also have Book of Remembrance and Family History Binders along with page protectors and printed page that you can fill out. Come see the variety.

300 Questions to Ask Your Parents by Shannon Alder

Your parents are a rich resource of wisdome that you can easily tap into with the help of this guide. While other family history books make you dig to find answers, this book provides places for note-taking and the perfect questions to provoke awe-inspiring answers from your own parents. Find out their views on a variety of topics, such as marriage, religion, love, politics, what they expect from you, and more!

Learn what your parents were like as children, who influenced them, and how their life experiences shaped them into the people they are today. With over 300 questions to ask, you’ll never run out of things to say. Obtain a deeper understanding and a better relationship with the oes you love before it’s too late.

Memories of Me by Laura Hedgecock

We all have stories to share with our children and grandchilren. Whether it’s your proudest moment, your first car, or your favorite family vacation, this book helps you organize, record, and share the life lessons you’ve learned.

Inside you’ll find simple, down-to-earth instructions to get you started, worksheets to keep track of important moments, plenty of examples to spark your creativity, and writing adice to make your memories shine.

Preserve your stories and share them with the important people in your life using the easy tips and tricks found in this comprehensive guide.

For questions, call (435) 752-3055.


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