Let’s Get Crafty!

How often do you hear “What do you want to do? I don’t know, what do you want to do?” in your home? Or how often do you not know what to do yourself? We have the perfect answer! Here at the Book Table we have a lot of fun toys and crafts for all ages: toddlers, young adults, and every year inbetween.

Coloring & Activity Books

Here at the Book Table we have tons of fun coloring books for all ages. Some are more simple, some are more advanced, but all are a lot of fun! From fun designs and patterns, to horses or fairies, we have quite the selection. We also have lots of activity books such as sticker books, oragami books, mad libs, learn-to-draw books, joke books, cross words & word searches, and more. These are fun activities you can enjoy by yourself or with the entire family.

Crayons, Colored Pencils, & Markers

This handy, flip-top case is packed with all the colors of the rainbow and beyond to spark the imaginations of artists of all ages. The triangular-shaped crayons encourage the correct grip for the development of writing skills for youngsters, and the case makes travel and clean-up a breeze!

We also have the popular Crayola crayons and colored pencils, as well as markers. Plus, in our Education Department we have butcher paper. Come get a couple feet of paper and some fun markers and you will be ready to create a beautiful masterpeice!

Decorate-Your-Own Ballerina Figurines

These two prima ballerinas are ready to dance! After all the decorating is done, kids will have 2 beautiful collectibles to display. This engaging craft kit includes 6 pots of pretty, non-toxic paint and an easy-clean paintbrush. Figurines measure approximately 2″ and 4″ inches high.

We also have many other kinds of figurines to decorate that you can buy here at the Book Table. Butterflies, pets, cars, dinosaurs, cars, and more.

Crochet Work by Therese de Dillmont

Learn to crochet with this easy-to-follow guide taken from the original 1886 Encyclopedia of Needlework. From yarns to hooks to patterns, this book brings us timeless lessons in crochet craft. Its detailed explanations, ample pictures, and clear instructions will help veterans and beginners alike. A perfect book for the crafter in your life!

Other books here at the book table include coin collecting books, hair style tutorial books, photography books, and DIY projects.

We have a huge variety of all kinds of toys and crafts so come check it all out! For questions, call (435) 752-3055.


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