All About Education

Things To Know About Our Education Department:

  • The Education Department has been moved to the main floor just next to the LDS Department
  • We have butcher paper for $0.20 a foot
  • We can laminate for $1.00 per foot
  • We have all kinds of product: bulletin boards, cut outs, borders, charts, office supplies, dice, flashcards, educational games, and of course books.

Empowered by Nathan Cureton

A smattering of smoky remnants is all that remains of the once promising fire of success in the classrooms of East Crossroads Middle School. The teachers, each having entered the profession with blazing ambition, now struggle to protect their feeble flames from the billows of student indifference and waning motivation.

Within days of unpacking, Mrs. Kris Able, expert teacher turned school guidance counselor, is unintentionally thrown into the ashes of the mess. With wisdom and experience, Kris skillfully leads the smoldering teachers of East Crossroads on individual reflective journeys in classroom culture creation. From the burst bubble of a naively enthusiastic first year teacher to the authoritarian habits of an old, burnt-out science grump, from the too-cool-for-school football coach turned history teacher to the haughty theatrics of a straight-arrow doctor of mathematics, Counselor Kris instigates change, little by little, by teaching her colleagues four empowering principles of creating a classroom culture of success.

Empowered succinctly outlines universal guiding principles of creating a classroom culture of student success and then applies each in a vivid and entertaining narrative, complete with characters and scenarios teachers experience daily in their own schools. With identifiable characters, applicable lessons, and an enjoyable plot, Empowered’s beautiful blend of tips and tales is informative, entertaining and motivating.

Warm your hands and your heart by the swelling fire of Kris and her blossoming colleagues as they learn to create a classroom culture of student success.




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