Health & Dieting

I feel like one of the most popular new years resolution is to eat healthier, exercise more, or loose 10 pounds. These helpful books below, plus many others we have in the store, will help you to achieve your goals.

#StrongGirl by Ali Holman

Work out smarter, not longer! Internationally recognized personal trainer Ali Holman knows time is at a premium for busy moms, so she makes fitness easy with twenty-minute muscle-building workouts, quick and healthy recipes, tips to get your friends and family moving, and so much more! Become a #StrongGirl and discover the inner strength and energy you need to stay healthy and happy for life.

This Is Why You’re Sick & Tired by Jackie Warner

If you had more energy, what would you do?

Stop saying “If only…” and get yourself on track to health, happiness and that youthful glow you thought you lost forever. Jackie Warner—New York Times bestselling author and personal trainer to the stars—has the answer to the energy crisis in your life, and it’s not in the next cup of coffee you’re reaching for. It’s getting rid of your energy-sapping lifestyle.

This Is Why You’re Sick and Tired goes to the root of your energy problem to give you the tools you need to rehabilitate your body on the cellular level to target the cells and hormones critical to energy, vitality and weight loss.

Each week of this 3-phase plan will offer a new diet and exercise program that alters chemistry in stages, working with your brain and body to balance and release a new set of chemicals and patterns. The diet has been carefully coupled with a progressive style of training that adapts and changes each week along with your foods and your body chemistry. Once you have completed the reset, you will be fully prepared to live a whole new lifestyle—one that is energetic and positive!

With Jackie’s core principles, you will restore and recharge your body, renew your vitality,
and stop feeling moody and stressed out. You’ll sleep better. And you’ll drop weight fast and look better than you ever have before.

Whole Fit: Wellness for Life by W. Jared DuPree

Begin your journey to a healthier you today. This comprehensive approach to health takes you beyond fad diets to realistic, long-term change. Combining breakthrough research and timeless principles, this book will help you enjoy a life free from worries about weight, chronic illness, and stress. Enhance your health, your emotions, and your relationships as you find the balance and wellness you’ve always wanted.

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