New Arrivals in our Guitar Shop

Check out these new arrivals in our Guitar Shop.

Taylor 614ce Limited Edition – $3699.00

This beautiful guitar features all of the stunning appointments of the newly redesigned 614ce but with the added bonus of an Ebony armrest! The armrest adds loads of comfort as well as keeping your arm off of the soundboard so the top can resonate all the way to the edge. Come into our shop and try out this master crafted guitar!!

American Elite Telecaster – $1899.99

Packed with a baker’s dozen of innovations, the is the original solidbody electric guitar re-imagined for modern players who want bleeding-edge performance with timeless visual style. The future of workhorse guitar design, this Tele® guitar’s stunning style, easy playing feel and flexible sound that meets any musical need, was made to tear it up on stage or in the studio.

Taylor 322e 12-fret – $1849.00

This handsome Grand Concert blends vintage looks with a wonderfully played-in sound, thanks to a shaded edgeburst top and Taylor’s distinctive 12-fret design, respectively.

The 12-fret neck-to-body orientation features a shifted bridge location (closer to the center of the lower bout) that produces a more mature voice and a warm, punchy midrange, especially with the tonewood pairing of a mahogany top with sapele back and sides. Thanks to the shorter 24-7/8-inch scale length, players can expect a slinkier string feel. Together with the comfortably compact Grand Concert body, this promises to be a fun and inspiring fingerpicking machine that also offers ample headroom for strumming. Taylor’s Expression System® 2 electronics wire you for natural-sounding amplified tone.

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