The Irish Fairy Door Company

“Our aim is to create memorable family moments and a little magic all year round — all YOU need to do is believe! The Irish Fairy Door Company was specially designed by the International Fairy Council to provide fairy doors for all locations — be it in your home, your garden, the office, school, or care center. Each fairy door is given a special portion of magic so that your new fairy can live comfortably in their new human home! Each fairy is waiting eagerly to find his or her new home and has trained very hard to be the best House Fairy they can be! Our doors are sent out all over the world just bursting with magic and wonder, enabling every fairy to find his or her perfect home and family.

Only one question remains… Do you believe?

These fairies are ready to listen to children’s hopes, dreams, worries, and fears. Children are encouraged to write letters to their fairies at least once a week. They can also draw pictures, write stories, and complete crafts for their fairies.”

Register your fairy at and check out their games and crafts! Ask our cashiers here at the Book Table for special fairy merit badges to let your fairy know that he or she is doing a good job!



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