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Making Travel Easier… one game at a time

It’s summer time and what do we think of first, traveling! Summer vacations with my family are some of the fondest memories I have. From driving up to East Canyon Dam to driving to many of the Mid-West and Western states. We would pile into our Ford van and off we would go. Not even an hour into the drive the first of many “are we there yet”, “when will we get there”, “I’m bored” statements would come from the kids and sometimes the adults along for the journey. My Mom was always good about making her own games or things for us to do…but if you are wanting some fun things that keep the little and big kids entertained and can even involve everyone in the car, look no further….we’ve got you covered. Here are just a few of the many fun and entertaining games we have on our shelves to entertain all ages.

Road Trip License Plate Game

Perfect for 1 or 2 players. The first to fill all his vehicles with license plates wins!
Contains one play board and one magnet sheet. Open play board measures 18″ x 12¾”.
• 51 individual magnets

The Purple Cow Magnetic Games

Magnetic travel games 

Compact and chique, a variety of 25 classic board games designed in a slim tin case, printed both sides with magnetic pawns and pieces. Fun and affordable travel games, for all ages.

Travel Bingo En Route

A timeless classic! Keep the whole car entertained on long and short road trips with Travel Bingo. Slide the windows shut as attractions are spotted and bet the first to yell “BINGO!”. 

Games on the Go

Family Questions that keep today’s busy families talking

50 games you can play anywhere – Guessing games, word games, memory challenges, sharing games, car travel games and much more!

Mudpuppy – Games to Go

With Mudpuppy’s Space Race! Travel Game you can play at home and on-the-go. 4 game pieces, 2 dice, and how to play instructions are packaged in a travel-friendly drawstring bag with the game board silkscreened right on it!

– 2-4 players

– Sturdy cardboard game pieces + 2 dice

These are just a few of the huge selection of pop up puzzles, card games, magnetic boards, and fun games on the go you will find in the store. Ask for assistance if you can’t find the fun your looking for.

What do you think? Leave a comment here!

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