While there are several stores out there with variations of the words “book” and “table”, this is the only website for the Book Table of Logan, UT. Suggestions for improving our service to you in-store and online are always welcome!

About Book Signings and Consignment — Are you an author, musician, etc. visiting Logan soon? Please let us know if we need to have your book , CD, or painting in our store for any upcoming events.

Phone: (435) 752 – 3055                                                                                                                      Fax: (435) 752 – 3202                                                                                                                Address: 29 South Main Street Logan, UT 84321 (Google Maps)                                          Email:


  • Monday-Friday: 10 A.M. to 8 P.M.
  • Saturday: 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.
  • Closed Sunday
  • Holiday and special occasion hours are always posted on the doors and posted on the blog.

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37 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi, my name is Nitida.
    I would like to know the prices to rent a Violin for a week or less.

  2. Funny thing is, that even though we don’t live in Utah, we know exactly where you are located. My BIL and SIL lived in Logan for many years before we had kids. Now we have our own little musician (he’s 4 and plays the violin, but has his eyes set on becoming a conductor).

  3. When are you offering the craft class to create the Feb, Mar and April toppers?

  4. carpetcommunicator

    Hey Katie! –Blog Admin here. Sorry we didn’t comment back fast enough. You missed the sign-ups for that class by just a few days, but I bet you can get the kit in-store and do it yourself. Swing by the store (or call in) and ask if we have extra any kits. Usually there are a few left over, and you can pick up the new class catalog while you are at it. Once again, sorry I didn’t reply faster. Have a great day!

  5. Rike Hendrickson

    HI Do you carry “You Can” by Raymond Dautel? It’s a really good book that recently came out. I saw it on Amazon and on a few other sites like Barnes and Nobles. I haven’t heard anything on your homepage or your ads about it. Just wondering…

  6. Hi Rike,
    We don’t have it in stock, but we definitely can order it. Give the store a call.

  7. I would really like to belong to a scrapbook-paper crop club that meets regularly to just visit and crop using our own materials. Are there any out here?

    • Leda,

      We let groups schedule to use our crop room for projects quite often. At the moment, none of them meet regularly. If you would like to get some of your friends together and use our crop room, you are more than welcome to! It’s free to use during store hours.

  8. Do you sell, acoustic guitar starter kits? And if you do how much?

    • Hi Haley! Thanks for your question. We do sell acoustic guitar starter kits. The kit that we have comes with the Yamaha F325 laminate top. It also includes a gig bag, tuner, strap, extra strings, guitar picks, and a DVD with lessons. The kit comes to a total of $207.99 before tax!


  9. Brenda Hubbard

    I’m not from Logan but go there once in a while. I was wondering …Do you buy used books and his so how do I go about it? Do you take all kinds? Mine are mostly LDS that are in excellent condition. Thanks for your help.

    • Brenda,

      Hi, thanks for visiting! We do not buy used books. However, Books of Yesterday down the street is a used bookstore. I recommend you give them a call (435-753-3838) and see about selling those books. Additionally, if you are looking for discounted books, we have a great sale going on in our children’s and general book departments right now. Stop by and browse the next time you are in Logan. We’ll have our books out for the annual Sidewalk Sale July 12-14, too.

      Site Manager

  10. Brenda Hubbard

    Thanks so much for your quick response and your help. I will try to stop in next time I’m in Logan.

  11. Do you not have a website where I can browse for what I am looking for?

    • Thanks for checking out our blog! Unfortunately, we do not have our inventory online. However, you are welcome to call the store or drop us a message here at and we will respond in a timely manner.

  12. Do you do book repairs?

  13. I just moved here to Logan and can I say how impressed I am with this store and this blog! I love the book review postings. I am a book reviewer myself. My blog of reviews is located at If you ever have any openings for work, please let me know. This is something I am really interested in.

  14. Hello! I’m afraid your email address is invalid. Is there an alternative I can use?

  15. Is Employment applications available online or in store?

  16. Lorinda Fluckiger

    Do you carry recorders(the kind for kids in elementary school) and how much are they?

    • Lorinda-

      We do carry recorders! I have quite a few in stock, and the best way to find out prices is to call the store or come in and check out our great selection!

      Thanks for your comment.

  17. Hello, my name is Ivan. I was wondering if there are any part-time employment opportunities at your store for a college student like myself?

    • Ivan,

      To apply for a job with us, please send your resume to our email address. We keep them on file for 90 days, so even if we don’t have an immediate opening you’re still on file for us to consider when the need arises.

      Thank you for your inquiry! If you have any other questions, please give the store a call at (435) 752-3055.

  18. Hi! I have a friend who is looking for “Little Einstein” toys. They have been discontinued by Fischer Price, but I thought I’d check with you and see if you might still have any…..

  19. I just signed my daughter up for orchestra through Bridger elementary and I wad wondering how much would everything cost from the music sheets they need, the music stand, the violin rental, the cloths to clean the instrument after?

  20. Are you hiring?

  21. Tanja Badenheuer

    Good Evening,
    Mr. Martin, our host, suggested visiting you store.
    We were looking for an LDS Statue of Jesus Christ and saw the figure on the glas shelf and the price of $ 19,99 on the sign right before the statue. We were surprised of the price, but the white statue was dirty and scratched – so we thought it might be used.
    To make sure it was the right price – we called the cashier lady over and asked her about the price and she confirmed the $ 19,99 for the Christ figurine. We put the Christ statue on the counter and said, we just want to look around in the store.
    20 min. later we wanted to purchase the figurine and now the other cashier says this statue cost $ 49,99 and the price tag belongs to the 8 inches statue and this is the 10 inches statue. I could believe my ears. We confirm the price before and now this.
    I would call this a false advertisment and then the unfriendly discussion as if I did something wrong in asking for the advertised and confirmed price. Or the answer from this blond cashier with the wool hat, that there would not be a manager on duty for the eve or on Saturday.
    I was so upset that I could have cried there in the store. I just gapped my newly wed husband and left the store and didn’t purchase the other things we picked for presents for friends.
    I would like to purchase in a store that made me feel stupid – just because I wanted to buy an item for the price that was advertised and confirmed from a store cashier. It was not my fault. I didn’t put the price tag in front of the used looking Christ statue.

    • We always have fresh new staff members who are learning and getting to know the product so we sincerly apologize for the trouble. All of our 8-inch statues at the time are $19.99 and all the 10-inch statues are priced at $49.99. They are all new and in good shape. None of our managers are here on the Saturday as they are home with their families. We apologize for the inconvience.

  22. I want to open my own bookstore in Brigham City Utah. I was wondering is their any thing i should know before starting, or any advise you can give me

  23. I was wondering if you were hiring, actually, and if I should send a resume to your email.

  24. How can we order online?

  25. do you sell your products on amazon? if so could you send me your storefront link please!

  26. Your bathroom needs a major update. I’ve used it various times, but usually haven’t had to sit, because I only had to pee and… I’m a guy. Today, I had to make it a longer visit. Due to the proximity of the toilet and the wall, my right side of my butt and waist was pressed against a yellow – stained wall. I couldn’t sit straight, so I shifted myself. This, to put it delicately, pressed my “man – parts” against the inside wall of the toilet. At the end my visit I was inconvenienced more by realizing there was no toilet paper. I could find any under the sink, and so I resorted to using paper towels on the counter. Knowing I couldn’t flush them, I had to leave the waste in the garbage.

    In conclusion, that bathroom is disgusting and my visits will be on hold until that bathroom is updated and has better care. Very disappointed.

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