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Independence Day

We are so lucky to live in a beautiful country where we are free. A HUGE thank you to all the soldiers–past and present–who fight every day for our freedom. God Bless America!

We are CLOSED tomorrow, July 4th. Have a great Independence Day!

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Abe Lincoln’s Dream

Celebrate Independence Day with a funny book about one of America’s most beloved presidents. Great for kids and adults alike!

Question: How long should a man’s legs be?

Answer: Long enough to reach the floor.

The 16th president had recurring dreams, liked corny jokes, and now his ghost paces the White House fretting about the state of the union. It takes a little girl on a school tour–armed with a few corny jokes of her own–to answer his questions and settle his spirit.

From one of our most celebrated picture book artists comes an affectionate ode to our most celebrated president and the nation he shaped. Inspired by true stories and White House trivia, Lane Smith’s Lincoln takes flight with characteristic humor and extraordinary artistry.

Also check out John, Paul, George, & Ben, a book about some of our Founding Fathers and what it would have been like to know them when they were young. 

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American Grown is Growing On Us

First Lady Michelle Obama wrote a book- and it has nothing to do with politics. It’s about gardening. In American Grown, she tells a unique story about the White House kitchen garden, which she planted (with the help of local 5th graders) in 2009. The White House kitchen garden is harvested daily to provide food for the First Family and state dinners. The garden is the first of its kind since Eleanor Roosevelt’s Victory Garden in the 1940s. In the book, Michelle Obama starts with a brief biographical sketch of her own upbringing and the meals her mother made with fresh foods, then goes on to explain how her concern for the health of our nation’s children evolved into planing a kitchen garden right on the White House South Lawn. In 2010 she launched the initiative Let’s Move! to encourage kids to be more active and get schools to serve healthier food. The book also talks about other gardens around the United States with inspiring stories. We think it’s neat, an easy read, and engaging. And the recipes from the White House chefs at the back of the book are a definite plus.