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Scratch Art

“Make your day more creative with our Scratch and Sketch Art Activity Kits! You’ll jump right into all kinds of super scratch-off drawing and design projects inspired by our award-winning Scratch and Sketchbooks. There’s something for everyone, from our Trace-Along for younger artists to our dazzling Sticker Kits to our amazing Spiral Kits! Some kits even come with stand-up backdrops, extra punch-out characters to use in making up your own stories, or sheets of punch-out, reusable stencils for extra creative fun! Illustrated instruction sheets provide even more ideas or fun or informative text. Each kit comes with poly-bagged black-coated scratch-off boards with glittery foil or swirling colors, or colorful scratch-off sticker sheets, plus a wooden stylus. Portable package comes with handle — perfect for travel! Makes an ideal party favor, too.”

Check out their website below:

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Let’s Get Creative!

Here at the Book Table we have many different toy products for the artist in you. If you love to create new designs these are perfect for you! Come check out the variety of art toys we have here in our store!















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Dowdle Doodles

“As a young artist, I endured teasing about my last name, with kids–and even some adults–referring to me as Eric “Doodle.” It’s taken nearly 40 years to conquer all the jokes and ribbing to finally embrace what I originally thought was an unfortunate last name.

My new Dowdle Doodles coloring books combine a flair for creativity with relaxing fun. In these books, there are two kinds of doodles: One for the artist looking for a challenge, and the other for the rest of us who just want to color and let our imaginations run free. Either way, I hope you will embrace your inner artist and enjoy my art while creating your own.” -Eric Dowdle

Here at the Book Table we carry the Utah book as well as the National Parks book. Come check them out!


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Piggy Story

“‘Tag you’re it!’ that used to be all that was needed for an afternoon of adventure and fun.Remember those times? Today it’s hi-tech gadgets, lessons, and tutors before dinner.Where are the wonder and imagination in children today? It’s trapped in a television show,video game or movie of the week. That’s why The Piggy Story is committed to creating products designed to capture young imaginations. Before each product is crafted we ask, “What will captivate a child?” An array of designs from Dragons and Princesses to Piggy Fairies and Piggy Pirates keeps minds engaged to a story of their own. Simple, fun and affordable – crayons, doodle pad, a tote with a fun design, are all the ingredients to make their fantasies come to life. The greatest inventions and technologies surfaced from the wildest imaginations, playing around and just being curious. Let’s give back the wonder and imagination to our children today and watch what they will create for tomorrow.

The Book Table carries The Piggy Story products. Below is a sneak peak at some of them:

Little Picasso Art Kit

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Create & Doodle Roll Travel Set

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Chalk N Doodle

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and Much More!

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Check out their website:


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The 2013 Logan Sidewalk Sale is This Week!

Are you ready for the 2013 Downtown Logan Sidewalk Sale? We are!

image (2)

We have been busy this last week setting up a bunch of our sale items for your perusing pleasure.

Be sure to stop by on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to check out some of our great deals.

We’ll have music, toys, games, and books on sale, some for as little as $1.00 a piece. 

image (1)

Also, don’t forget about our author signings on Saturday. Read more about the who and what here.

image (3)

Hope to see you there! 🙂