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Some Fun Children’s Recommendations

Summer is a great time for everyone to catch up on their reading–especially young children. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite children’s books  here at The Book Table. This is only a small sample of our enormous collection, so make sure to stop by and take a look at some of our other great titles!

One Cool Friend by Toni Buzzeo

“What would YOU do if you met your ideal pet?”

Not only is One Cool Friend a New York Times Bestseller, it is also a Caldecott Honor book! One Cool Friend is about a boy named Elliot who goes to an aquarium and decides he wants a penguin for a pet. When he asks his dad, Elliot is misunderstood and his father gives him some money to buy a stuffed penguin. Elliot takes a penguin from the tank home with him, and they go on all sorts of adventures. Kids are sure to enjoy this silly story, and the artwork is very fun. We recommend One Cool Friend to anybody who loves penguins and is in the mood for a good laugh.

My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza

“A fox outfoxed?”

My Lucky Day is the delightful story of a pig who outfoxes the most clever of all animals–a fox. He manages to trick the fox into giving him a bath, a free meal, and a massage. All the while, the fox believes that the pig is just giving him helpful hints on how to cook the pig better. A silly story that will leave you smiling, My Lucky Day is a great story for anyone who enjoyed The Three Little Pigs. 

Purple, Green and Yellow by Robert Munsch

Purple, Green and Yellow is all about a little girl named Brigid who loves to color. She begs and begs her mom for some markers, because all of the other kids have them. Brigid tells her mom that the store sells washable markers, and she promises that she won’t draw on the floor, or the walls, or herself. Her mother gives in and buys her the markers. After awhile, Brigid gets bored of the washable markers and begs her mom for new, smelly markers. Because Brigid was so good with her washable markers, her mom decides to get her the smelly markers. But after awhile, Brigid gets bored of the smelly markers. She now wants “super-indelible-never-come-off-till-you’re-dead-and-maybe-even-later” coloring markers. And because she was so good with the smelly markers, Brigid’s mom buys her the special permanent markers. This time, when Brigid decides she’s bored, she doesn’t want new markers, she decides to start coloring on things besides paper, and that’s when the trouble begins. A story that at times hits really close to home for parents with little kids, Purple, Green and Yellow is a great read!

We are always happy to recommend more titles to you, so feel free to come in or call us at 752-3055 🙂

2013 Logan Sidewalk Sale Authors

Every July for the Downtown Logan Sidewalk Sale, the Book Table brings in some superb authors to do a signing of their work. These authors will be here Saturday July 13th  from 10-1 only, so make sure to drop by and get a book or two signed!

  • Doug Cloward, will be signing his book Securing Your Family’s Legacy, a great book all about changing your attitude toward your heritage.
  • Greg Ford will be signing his book No Girls Allowed: Cookbook for Men which is full of great manly meal ideas such as “Too Hungry to Cook Chili”, “Meatballs… Bold and Unafraid”, and “Spontaneous Combustion Soup”.
  • Suzie Roberts will be signing her book Busy Moms on the Go, a great cookbook for moms who need an easier solution to having dinner on the table every night.
  • Christina Dymock will be signing her book Young Chefs, a fantastic cookbook geared towards children with the slightest amount of adult-required help.
  • Cindy C. Bennett, who has nailed the clean YA genre, will be signing her books Rapunzel Untangled, a modern retelling of the classic Rapunzel story, and Geek Girl.
  • Cami Checketts, romantic suspense novelist extraordinaire, will be signing her new books Broken Path and Poison Me.
  • Bill Jensen will be signing his book Adder in the Path, a historical novel about the Mormon War in Missouri.
  • Heather Frost will be signing her new book Guardians, which is the highly-anticipated finale in the Seers trilogy.

This year we are also proud to present singer/songwriter Lorisa Pulotu at the sidewalk sale. Make sure to stop by and see her!

Hope to see you there 🙂

Welcome, Kim!

imageWe are happy to welcome a new member to The Book Table family…Kim! Kim works mainly in our Music department, and loves to help customers find the right piece for them and their students. We decided to sit down and get to know her better..

Book Table: What brings you to Logan? 

Kim: I am attending Utah State. I’m majoring in Health Education and Promotion with an emphasis in Community Health. I’ll be starting my third year in the fall.

Why do you like working at The Book Table?

Umm…why do I like it? I like my coworkers. The customers are nice, and I like all the variety that the store has.

What’s your favorite department at The Book Table?

My favorite department…I’d probably have to say the music section just because I’m a piano player.

Oh, that’s cool! How long have you been playing the piano?

I’ve been playing since I was five. I’ve been teaching since ’07.

What is your favorite color?


Do you have a favorite book?

Not necessarily a favorite, but I’m currently reading the series Children of the Promise. And I love those books.

Come in and say “hi” to Kim! She’d be happy to help you find some music or recommend a great book 🙂

Abe Lincoln’s Dream

Celebrate Independence Day with a funny book about one of America’s most beloved presidents. Great for kids and adults alike!

Question: How long should a man’s legs be?

Answer: Long enough to reach the floor.

The 16th president had recurring dreams, liked corny jokes, and now his ghost paces the White House fretting about the state of the union. It takes a little girl on a school tour–armed with a few corny jokes of her own–to answer his questions and settle his spirit.

From one of our most celebrated picture book artists comes an affectionate ode to our most celebrated president and the nation he shaped. Inspired by true stories and White House trivia, Lane Smith’s Lincoln takes flight with characteristic humor and extraordinary artistry.

Also check out John, Paul, George, & Ben, a book about some of our Founding Fathers and what it would have been like to know them when they were young. 

What Are We Reading?

Karen–The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt

The Wednesday Wars is a coming-of-age story about a boy growing up in the 70’s.  His dad is a politician, so he always has to be on his best behavior.  To make matters worse,  every Wednesday students in his school go to religious class.  Since he is not from a religious family, he gets to stay at school, the only one with his teacher.  She  decides they are going to study Shakespeare. The characters are well developed, and it’s a great story.  Any body will enjoy it from ages 9+.

Whitney–Twitterpated by Melanie Jacobson

Twitterpated is an adorable love story. It starts with an identity theft–well, kind of. Jessie and Sandy are roommates. Both are in their twenties and they live in Seattle. Sandy doesn’t think that Jessie dates enough, so she sets up a profile for her on LDS Lookup–“think Facebook for Mormons”–and Jessie is livid. However, she does end up meeting a super cute guy named Ben. Jessie got her heart broken once upon a time, and so she’s afraid of getting too serious. Sandy keeps pushing her though, so Jessie continues to explore outside of her comfort zone and keep dating Ben. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m really excited to see where Jessie and Ben end up!

Kim–The Children of the Promise series

These books follow an LDS family’s struggles during World War II. I am currently on the second book of the series, entitled Since You Went Away. I love these books! The author does such a great job pulling you in. You instantly feel close to each family member as they do their part to serve the country but also grow into the people they want to be. Great books you can’t put down! I highly recommend them!

Morgan–Room by Emma Donoghue

Most books aren’t written from the voice of a little five year old boy named Jack. However, Room is written from this perspective as the reader is thrown into this unique writing style. Donoghue does a spectacular job throwing the reader into Jack’s world as readers begin to see it through his eyes. We are quickly introduced into his routine of getting ready, watching the imaginary world inside the tv, and doing “exercise.”

It becomes painfully clear that Room is all that Jack knows: he has his friends Bed, Table and, of course, his mother, whom he refers to as “Ma.” Jack’s entire life consists of what is in the 11×11 ft room that he and Ma live in, as well as the mysterious man Jack calls “Old Nick”, who comes in Room at night.

Now that Jack has turned five, Ma believes Jack is prepared for the most intense game they’ve ever played: escape. This award winning novel follows Jack and Ma as they attempt to finally leave Room and the challenges that their freedom could bring. After all, Room is the only thing Jack has ever known.

William Joseph Workshop This Friday for Piano Teachers and Students!

William JosephThis Friday, Dec. 7 from 5:00-8:00 p.m. we will have renowned pianist William Joseph at the Book Table for a workshop!  We have limited spaces available, and the cost is $15 per person.  Please email, call, and come in to sign up for this amazing opportunity!  Deadline for registration is Dec. 7 at Noon..

Attention all pianists, composers, songwriters, and singers!!!

After many years of working with 15 time Grammy Award Winning Producer and Composer David Foster… William Joseph seeks to share valuable lessons he has learned about composing from David including an approach to songwriting/arranging.  Not only will this class benefit the composers/arrangers out there… it will also benefit singers as they will learn simple ways to accompany that free them from worrying about notes to shifting focus to their vocal performance.  William recommends intermediate to advanced students in general however this will cover the importance of theory and how it empowers us as musicians…so it will be good motivation for anyone passionate about creating.

And be sure to hang around for our Midnight Madness sale right after! From 8pm-Midnight the whole store will be on sale, with author signings and other specials happening. It’s going to be great fun!

Midnight Madness Authors!!

It’s that time of year again! Our annual Midnight Madness sale is Friday, Dec. 7.

From 8 p.m. to Midnight the ENTIRE store is going to be on sale. Everything- from books, to instruments, to toys- will be 20% off or more. This includes an additional sale on clearance items.

Additionally, we will have an ensemble of authors all over the store signing books. Here’s a peak at some of these wonderful writers (You can click on their names to find out even more about them):

Martha Sears West
Local poet and author of:
Ryhmes and Doodles from A Wind-Up Toy and Jake, Dad, and the Worm

Amber Argyle
Author of Witch Song and Witch Born

Preston Norton
Co-author of The Lost Son (a new Christmas tale)

C. Michelle Jefferies
Author of Emergence

Lee Roderick
Local author of Bridge Builder, Hugh Colton

Rod L. Meldrum
Author of Exploring the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland

Dianne Blaine Hardy
Local author of For Cryin’ Out Loud!

Melissa Lemon
Author of Cinder and Ella and Snow Whyte & the Queen of Mayhem (New release)

Kevan Kennington
Author of Bible Brain Bogglers


Author of Gifted and For What It’s Worth (New release)


More to come later today!

Halloween on Sale!

Halloween sale!

All Halloween decor, jewelry, and books are 25% off.

That includes fun flashlights for your ghoulies and ghosties to see better when trick-or-treating this year.

Join Our Creepy Concert Oct. 27

Come goblins, witches, and fantastical characters to play in our event. This year we are holding a Creepy Concert at the Book Table Concert Hall, and it is open to all instruments! Sign up your students, yourself, and your friends. Costumes are preferred, spooky music optional! Come for a screaming fun time with music, candy, games, and all the ghoulish company you can find.

What: The Creepy Concert
When: Saturday, October 27 3:00-5:00 p.m.
Where: The Book Table Concert Hall
Who: Anyone! All ages, all instruments.

You can sign up by email at lauren.booktable@gmail.com, or in-store. Registration closes Oct. 26, so be sure to get a spot! See you there!

For Cryin’ Out Loud!

For Cryin’ Out Loud by Dianne B. Hardy is a breathtaking memoir about growing up in the Uintah Basin in an idealistic time in a less than ideal situation. Hardy, a music professor, retired three years ago and began writing her childhood memoirs. She currently resides in Logan.

The rural community of Roosevelt, Utah, was an idyllic place in the 1950s. Everyone knew their neighbors and no one locked their doors at night. By all appearances, the Blaines are the idealic Roosevelt family. Father is the school principal and well-liked by everyone in town; Mother cooks and cleans and shepherds the children to church each Sunday. But appearances can be misleading. In reality, the Blaine family is a disaster. 

In a time when children were seen and not heard, Dianne Blaine wrestles with her mother’s despair, her father’s rage, and her older sister’s sexual rebellion. To make sense of this place where nothing is as it seems, Dianne must confront the secrets her family keeps in the shadows and the hypocrisy that hides in plain sight.