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Scratch Art

“Make your day more creative with our Scratch and Sketch Art Activity Kits! You’ll jump right into all kinds of super scratch-off drawing and design projects inspired by our award-winning Scratch and Sketchbooks. There’s something for everyone, from our Trace-Along for younger artists to our dazzling Sticker Kits to our amazing Spiral Kits! Some kits even come with stand-up backdrops, extra punch-out characters to use in making up your own stories, or sheets of punch-out, reusable stencils for extra creative fun! Illustrated instruction sheets provide even more ideas or fun or informative text. Each kit comes with poly-bagged black-coated scratch-off boards with glittery foil or swirling colors, or colorful scratch-off sticker sheets, plus a wooden stylus. Portable package comes with handle — perfect for travel! Makes an ideal party favor, too.”

Check out their website below:



The Moodsters

Meet the Team that’s Helping Kids Express Themselves!

Social and Emotional Development Toys for Children

Five funny little detectives who help kids solve the mysteries of feelings!

  • Builds EQ (emotional intelligence) skills
  • Teaches a vocabulary to express feelings
  • Offers simple strategies for the everyday challenges of growing up

Feelings Notebook

& Feelings Crayons


When I Feel Happy

Talking Plush and Activity Book


When I Feel Loving

Talking Plush and Activity Book



Here’s a link to their website:


Meet the Moodsters below!


Stephen Joseph Spring

It is officially spring and spring showers are coming! Here at the Book Table we have children’s apparel by Stephen Joseph so your kiddies don’t get soaking wet!

Rain Jackets

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Rain Boots

(More styles not pictured)

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Summer/Wedding Suits and Dresses

Planning a wedding this summer? Or do you have little ones who are in need of some new church clothes? We’ve got you covered.

Our boy’s suits are the full package! Included in the price is a jacket, vest, tie, shirt, and pants. We can order them in black, brown, dark grey, light grey, navy, olive, ivory, khaki, white, and pinstriped.

These suits are a steal! Prices are as follows:

Infant: $44          Sizes 2-4: $48

Sizes 5-7:$50          Sizes 8-14: $58

Need shoes to tie together the ensemble? We can order you in some for only $30 in sizes 5T-7.

For our dresses, you can come in and choose the color of the dress as well as the color of the sash. The dresses start out at $36. Girl’s shoes are priced at $20-22.

Come in and place your today! We should be able to get them in within the week.

To check out some of the products we pull in so you can get an idea of what you want, click here.

Brats Kids Formal Wear Now In Our Store

Dresses! We now have a wide assortment of dresses, vests, socks, etc. for children. Many in Logan were sad to see Brats go, but you can still find some of the items from their store now in ours. You’ll find holiday, baptism, summer, and formal outfits for children in the front section of the store (right by the jewelry and LDS department. Great for a wedding or church on Sunday. Cute!

We are also doing special orders for the vests for little boys shown on the right side of the photo below, and dresses for little girls in the photo below that.

Calico Critters Are Here

What fun, detailed critters! Calico Critters are in upstairs, waiting to be taken home with friends. These wholesome, detailed cuties are so imaginative and fun to play with. Designed with basic life settings, they are easy for children to relate to and teach about the basic family social structure.

More Baby Gift Ideas: Dresses and BabyLegs

Let’s face it: babies may be the cutest things around, but dressing them can be expensive when they are constantly growing out of their clothes.

This might do the trick for two or three years. That’s right, I said years, not months.

Peggy, our model, shows how it might be worn as a dress. Granted, she's a bit smaller than your average toddler, but you get the idea.

It starts out as a dress, with the ribbons tied in the back halter-fashion. Then, when Baby grows bigger the ribbons are tied as shoulders straps and she can wear leggings or shorts underneath. And when she’s gotten bigger the whole ensemble finishes off as a skirt. There are many creative ways you can use this neat little article of clothing.

These dresses are versatile and super cute.

And did I mention leggings? Well… the brand BabyLegs just came in. Who ever said dressing a baby was boring? They’re leg warmers and arm warmers for babies that make diaper training and potty training easier, as well as protect your child’s legs from the elements and rough carpet. There are even patterns for boys as well as girls, because as we all know, everyone crawls.

Peggy was a bit too small for BabyLegs so we had to resort to a picture of the display instead.

Books for A Baby Shower

Well I’m back again, because now it’s you customers who are providing great fodder for blog posts. (Yay!) Last night a young woman came into our store looking for ideas for books for babies and young children because her friend’s baby shower is book-themed. Everyone is supposed to bring their favorite children book. As a lover of reading I fully support that!

Here are some interesting facts about reading with with children:

  • Having your kids read a lot helps them become practiced at recognizing letters and sounds, which makes them better readers. Practice may not make perfect in this case, but it helps!
  • In another study, four-year-old children who were read one alphabet book per day improved significantly in speaking skills.
  • Deciding whether you like to read or not often comes early. Children who struggle in vain with reading in the first grade will often decide then and there that they don’t want to read.
  • The percentage of young children (0-toddler years) who are read to peaks at 2 years old.
  • Even still, that number is only 45.3% of two-year-olds.
  • Reading aloud to children teaches them about concepts, places, and people that may be difficult to explain otherwise.
  •  Repetition is important! Reading a child’s favorite book to them again and again helps them learn to read by hearing familiar words and seeing what they look like.
  •  The key to reading proficiency is to start early. Begin reading the day your child is born.



Chicken Enchiladas… yum

Happy Cinco de Mayo! As I sat around trying to figure out how I could incorporate something Mexican into today’s post and tie it in with a bookstore, I remembered the enchiladas my mom used to make for us when I was a kid. See, she was a HUGE Anita Stansfield fan at the time, and Stansfield just happened to write a book, A Star in Winter, that has a recipe at the end of almost every chapter. (See where I’m going? Eh, eh?)

Children-Friendly Chicken Enchiladas

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 can milk (or less)

1 c. sour cream

flour tortillas

cooked chicken, chunked

sliced black olives

shredded cheese

Additional: olives (if you like them), onions, salsa (for topping), peppers, a snappier cheese, a little chili powder, cilantro

Directions: Mix soup, milk and sour cream. Spread a little mixture on bottom of 9×13 pan. Spread some down the center of each tortilla and add chicken, olives and some cheese. Roll tortillas and place in pan. Pour remaining mixture over top of tortillas and top with cheese. Use toothpicks to hold them shut (just poke it in the top)–but REMEMBER to take them out before eating. Bake at 375 degrees for 20-25 min.

These are NOT spicy (hence the name “children friendly”), so if you want to spice them up, add peppers, onions, etc. They are also quite runny, so don’t overdo the liquids.

Mmmmm, just writing about them makes me remember how good they were. I think I’ll call my mom now…

Happy Cinco de Mayo.



I don’t know about you but my kids are so ready to run around outside.  We got the perfect toy to help cure kids of the winter blues, and what a great game to play on Easter after the egg hunts.


It’s our April Best Buy toy

WAS $19.99 NOW $13.99

You get 2 air-mesh adjustable vests and six soft dodge balls.  So even the little ones can play and not get hurt.