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Midnight Madness Authors 2014

The Book Table is pleased to be hosting the following authors at our Midnight Madness even this year. Click on the blue words to find out more about these authors and their books!

David M. Barker–Science and Religion

Randy BostwickBearstock Scrolls

12039911Daniel ColemanJabberwocky, Hatter, and Gifts & Consequences

Sadie Coleman, daughter of Daniel Coleman–Biggest Heart Ever

17315474Andrew CrusoeTruth Beyond the Sky

Kaymie Davidson–Good Deeds Manger (A Book Table exclusive!)

Amy FinneganNot in the Script (If Only…#3)

Tracks of a Pigeon-toed Horse by John T.…John Fleming–Tracks of a Pigeon-Toed Horse, The Obsidian Serpent, and Mouriel Secret of the Lost Cow

Heather FrostSeers, Demons, and Guardians

JoLynne Lyon–Truth is Relative

New Release November 2014Charlotte Maynard–Carol’s Christmas and Blood of the Wolf

Katie McKay–Keys to a Musical Heart, My Miracle Piano, and Middle C Adventures series

coverDanette HansenSpace Gum

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Sidewalk Sale Authors

This Saturday, July 14, five authors will be signing books on our sidewalk during the Sidewalk Sale. We have two times scheduled!



10 a.m. – Noon

  • Daniel Coleman, from Wellsville, will be signing his latest book Gifts and Consequences. He is also the author of Jabberwocky and Hatter.
  • Bretton Hadfield will be signing Max the Mouse Goes to the Moon, a children’s book about achieving your dreams.
  • William Jensen, of Logan, is signing his book Adder in the Path, a tragic chronicle of the Mormon War.
  • Michelle L. King of Logan will be signing her children’s books Mr. Percy’s Mysterious Glasses and Barrett’s Unusual Ice Cream Party.

2 – 4 p.m.

  • Scott Rigby is signing his book Inferno, a thrilling book about a teenager who discovers he has been given the ability to manipulate and control present and future events.
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Gifts and Consequences by Daniel Coleman

We are excited to present the latest book by Daniel Coleman, author of bestselling Jabberwocky and its companion Hatter. His new book, Gifts and Consequences, is the story of a man determined to carry out his wife’s last request.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’d do anything if…”? Jonathan Wheeler is determined to find out if they mean it.

Jonathan agreed to his deteriorating wife’s request – that he give away most of his fortune – but his methods are dangerously unconventional.

A man agrees to walk across the country to save a life. Another attempts to lose 100 pounds. And a boy is given tickets to the concert of the century, with the caveat that he take the least popular girl in school. Each encounters obstacles. Some succeed, some fail. Jonathan is always standing by, ready to deliver the consequences, whether good or bad.

Along with the gifts, come consequences for those who fail to complete the terms, and lives hang in the balance when Jonathan goes too far.

(If you are also a fan, I also recommend you read Daniel Coleman’s blog, where he records his adventures greeting his children at the bus stop on the way home from school.)

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LDS Genre Top Picks

Mary Ann

I’m with Aubrey–Jabberwocky (by Daniel Coleman) was amazing. His style of writing fit the poem like a glove. A “novel” idea. I’ve read the poem many times and never really read life into it until I read life into it until I read this book. He’s coming out with a book on the Mad Hatter next and we have a pre-order list up front.

The one this week is God So Loved the World, by Eric D. Huntsman. This book is an absolute must for appreciation of the Savior’s final week. Eric Huntsman is coming out with a similar book with a format on the Savior’s birth. It will be a really good one.

Just Shy of Paradise, by Carole Thayne Warburton, was enjoyable for me not only because of the local points of interest, but also the history of Cache Valley it alluded to.

Double Deceit, by Stephanie Humphreys, was a surprise to me. It was a totally bizarre plot, but I was hooked. Really a fun read.

New York Times Best-Seller

Ralph and I are reading the Miracle of Freedom: 7 Tipping Points that Saved the World, and are again completely taken in by the format of the Stewarts’ straight history intermingled with a dialogue in the time, making it a hard book to catalogue (history vs. historical fiction), but a fascinating book to read.

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What Have We Been Reading?


Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

I just read Inkdeath, the last book in the Inkheart trilogy. I loved it! I did not like the second one, but I think that it was because I was pregnant and reading made me sick. So it probably was a very good book. 🙂 The characters in Inkdeath bond more with each other because so many bad things are happening to them. It’s amazing how the author makes everything come together just in the nick of time. The ending is not what I expected, though. It’s a great one!


Jabberwocky by Daniel Coleman

It was spectacular! It was action-packed from the start, and it quickly drew me in. The author put great substance into the characters, which was impressive to me because it’s such a short book! I wished it was a bit longer, because I just couldn’t put it down. I also loved how the author the made up words and gave them meaning. It made reading it so much more fun. I would recommend this book to ANYONE! 🙂



I Didn’t Ask to Be Born (But I’m Glad I Was) by Bill Cosby

So I read this book in the past month when it came in as a demo book that we received for the store. My first thought when I saw it was excitement because I love Bill Cosby and it took me back to the days when I watched the Cosby Show. But the book was not what I thought at all… It was more about his views and what happened to him in his childhood and upbringing. There were funny stories where I laughed, but I found that he rambled about random things that had no relevance to the story. So 200 pages felt like a million. It had its funny parts, but overall I didn’t really care for the book. I think I was expecting his humor and didn’t expect the book to play out the way it did. NOTE: This book has not been released yet.


Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire

Only in Oz will you find a green girl named Elphaba who most people will recognize from the timely classic The Wizard of Oz as the Wicked Witch of the West. In Wicked you get a glimpse of not only Elphaba’s past, but Glinda the good’s as well, including how they met, became friends, and then enemies. It will intrigue you to think what is wickedness after all when Elphaba is perceived as evil, and what is goodness when Glinda is praised, but also a pawn of the infamous and questionable Wizard of Oz.



Bright Young Things #1 by Anna Godbersen

By the same author of the Luxe Series, Anna Godbersen’s Bright Young Things follows three girls in New York City in 1929, the last summer of the Jazz Age. Fresh off the train from Ohio and full dreams, Cordelia Grey and Letty Larkspur make friends with Astrid, a socialite who seems to have it all. Astrid introduces the girls to the world of flappers, speakeasies, jazz, and “anything goes” attitude of the Roarin’ Twenties. I’ve really enjoyed this high school-age book and can’t wait for the sequal.

The Mother-Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick

I really enjoyed The Mother-Daughter Book Club series by Heather Vogel Frederick. Megan, Jess, Emma and Cassidy’s mothers don’t understand that the drama of middle school pushes the 4 girls into different social circles and that the last thing these girls want to do is meet together to discuss books! Set in New England, the moms’ first choice is Little Women. What I loved about these books is the quotes at the beginning of each chapter from the book they’re reading ties into the girls’ lives in the story. Also, they make you want to read the books the girls read. They give great ideas for starting your own book club, parties you could have to go along with the books, as well as entertaining you with cute stories about the 4 girls and their mothers.


Janitors by Tyler Whitesides

I don’t have a whole lot to tell you about this book yet because I’m only on the fourth chapter–and these are short chapters. What I will tell you, however, is that I like Whitesides’ writing style more than (dare I say it?) Brandon Mull’s. Of course, I am drawing this conclusion from reading Beyonders and not Fablehaven (It’s on the list.). So far it’s turning into another typical adventuresome youth fantasy fiction by an LDS writer, but I like it. An easy, fun read. So far.


Dragon Breath #1 by Ursula Vernon

I really loved this book. I gave it to my son and he loved it too; it is now one of his favorite series to read over and over. It’s very funny, an easy read, and has a few comic book style pictures. It is about this small dragon named Danny who can’t breathe fire and who is picked on by the school bully. His best friend is a very timid green iguana named Wendell. Danny has to re-write his report on the ocean because he has no idea what the ocean is, and when Wendell says he should go to the library to look it up, Danny comes up with a better plan. There are four books in this series right now–the fifth book comes out this fall. This book is great for kids that don’t like to read, I also recommend it to people who liked the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Depending on a child’s reading level, it works great for grade 3 and up.

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Sidewalk Weekend Recap

What a weekend! It started early on Thursday with the first day of the Sidewalk Sale, and boy was it it busy! We were so pleased to have everyone come out. Freya was excited to sell a remote-controlled skunk to a little girl who was going to go home and try it out on her dad and brother.

The fun continued Friday when the Willow Park Zoo came for storytime. They brought a Gread Horned Owl, King Snake, and Bearded Dragon. Everyone who wanted to got to take turns petting the snake and the dragon. Even some employees were brave enough to try!

On Saturday we had our epic author signing. I apologize for not finishing the posts about the authors–the internet stopped working for a day and by the time it was back on the authors were here. We still have their books, though, and are doing pre-orders for Daniel Coleman’s sequal, Hatter. Tristi Pinkston also informed me she has a new book coming out soon–you can check it out on her Facebook page.

They were a great bunch to have. I think the authors really enjoyed being together and chatting about their writing and other tools of the trade. A few of them even tag-teamed the doors to hand out bookmarks as customers came in from the sidewalk to make their purchases.

All in all, it was a great weekend for everyone. (Even when it rained and we were rushing to move the merchandise on the sidewalk under the tents so it wouldn’t get wet.) It was really fun to see the looks on some people’s faces when I told them the total of their purchase and it was cheaper than they thought it would be. Now the adventure is getting the store put back together since all the clearance items were moved inside out of the elements.

We have many pictures from the events, but just have not gotten them up yet. Stay tuned for those.

The store internet is still being fishy, so once again I apologize for not getting posts up faster this last week. Hang in there!


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Eight Authors, One Musician, and a HUGE sale

Alright folks, ready? In ONE WEEK we’re hosting an author signing of epic proportions during the annual Sidewalk Sale of Logan.

On Saturday, July 9, the Book Table is delighted to host the authors:

  1. Tristi Pinkston, author of The Secret Sisters books.
  2. Marie Higgins, author of Hearts Through Time, Winning Mr. Wrong, and Heart of a Hero.
  3. Wanda Luce has joined the author signing as of July 5. Carole Thayne Warburton had to cancel, and we are sad she won’t be here, but we are excited for Ms. Luce! Her first novel, Lydia, was just released. We look forward to meeting her!
  4. Carol Hansen, author of DarkStar, which set in Cache Valley.
  5. Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen, author of Missing and Trapped.
  6. Daniel Coleman, author of Hatter and Jabberwocky, which a has high ranking on Amazon’s Kindle Store.
  7. Roslyn Reynolds, author of Solo: Getting it all Together When You Find Yourself Alone.
  8. and Lee Cantwell, local author of Mother George, Finders Keepers, and Crosscurrents.

Come on down to the store from 12-3 pm that day, visit with the authors, browse the books, and listen to a musical performance by special guest guitarist Robert Mitton, also of Cache Valley.

It’s going to be awesome!