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Needing to spice up your game nights?

We have some new games that are sure to be fun for all ages!


This high-quality Mexican Train Double Twelve Dominoes set has everything you need to play one of the most popular domino games of all time.  Up to eight people can play at once, racing to place all of their dominoes on the table.  But be careful-if you cannot make a match you will be sent to the boneyard to draw more dominoes.  Multicolored train markers and an  eight-way train hub add to the fun. The person with the fewest points after all thirteen rounds have been played is the winner!


Crawl smart or get swept away!  As the tide rises ,the crabs look for a safe place to settle in.  Move your crabs according to heir size by stacking them on top of each other.  Separated crabs get swept underwater, so stick together! The last player to make a move wins the game and is crowned king of the shore. 


Welcome to Dr. Beaker’s laboratory! Grab you materials and work fast to help him finish his experiments! Using your stirring rod move the molecules one at a time into the correct spots to recreate the solutions and show you are the smartest scientist in the lab!


Help Dr. Microbe complete her research! Sort the microbes into your petri dish using your tweezers, and a bit of logic.  Work fast to figure out the missing microbes and superbugs and snatch them up before your opponents do.  Be the fastest scientist in the lab to win!


The brilliant Dr. Eureka has important experiments for you to complete!  You must solve his scientific formulas by moving your materials from tube to tube without touching them with your bare hands! Solve the solutions faster that your competition to prove you are the smartest scientist in the lab!

DSCF1718 (2)

Dominoes with a kingdom-building twist!  Each turn, connect a new tile to your existing tile in a play making sure at lest one of its sides connects to a matching terrain type.  the order of who picks first depends on which tile was previously chosen.  Make sure to secure terrains with crowns-these royal treasures help to multiply the worth of your 5×5 kingdom at the end of the game!


Get ready to serve up a hot, steaming cup of bluff! Roll the dice in the cup, secretly add up their value, then bluff about it.  If your bluff succeeds, you’ll score a chip as your reward.  But if your buddies don’t fall for your bluff, they’ll take the chip instead! So bluff, bluff, bluff, until you’re all bluffed out.  Then fill up a new cup, and start bluffing some more. 

We also have a couple games you can come try out in the store!


Fill your customer’s orders before your competition!  Pass the scoops back and forth between the cones, but be careful to not touch or drop them…Make sure you fulfill the order exactly like it looks like on the card! The fastest and most successful gelato mixer will be the winner!


Help the flightless kiwi birds disguise themselves so they can go on vacation! Launch them into the crate using your ramp, making sure they hitch a ride with their best friends along the way.  Line up 4 of your color in a row or gather 4 in a square to win! 

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The Great Garden Games Co.

“Taking inspiration from Britain’s best-loved garden activities, our traditional wooden games are beautifully crafted with classic, stylish packaging. Our original range has been hugely popular both in the UK and abroad, so this season we’ve added to the fun, with a selection of brightly-colored, wooden outdoor games. Both ranges make perfect, affordable gifts, guaranteed to bring families and friends together for hours of active fun!












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LDS Easter Books

A Family Easter Celebration


Start a new Easter tradition or complement your celebration of this most sacred holiday with this beautifully illustrated book. A Family Easter Celebration tells the story of the Savior’s selfless Atonement and miraculous Resurrection through scripture passages and Christ-centered music. Ideal for family Easter programs or personal reflection, this inspiring keepsake will help you draw loved ones near to celebrate the hopeful spirit of Easter.


The Women of Easter

by Liz Curtis Higgs

Wreath of Snow_cvr.inddYou’re about to meet three women named Mary, each of whom has a life-changing encounter with Jesus. Mary of Bethany prepares the way for the Lord’s burial when she anoints His feet and fills the air with her perfume. His mother, Mary of Nazareth, remains by His side from His first breath to His last, her loyalty  unwavering. Mary Magdalene, delivered of seven demons, bravely supports her Teacher through His darkest hours, then proclaims the glorious news of His resurrection.

What a trio. What a Savior!

Your mind and emotions will be engaged and your faith strengthened as each scene unfolds, preparing your heart for a richer, deeper Easter experience. Liz Curtis Higgs, a seasoned Bible teacher and award-winning novelist, combines her storytelling skills with a thorough verse-by-verse study of Scripture as together you explore the remarkable lives of The Women of Easter.

The Holy Week for Latter-Day Saint Families

by Wendee Wilcox Rosborough3

Has your family ever celebrated the triumphal entry of Christ on Palm Sunday? Or learned about Passover and its connection to the Last Supper? Whether you want to create brand-new traditions or add to old favorites, The Holy Week for Latter-Day Saint Families has something for everyone to more fully commemorate the last week of the Savior’s mortal life.

This day-by-day guide will help you and your family celebrate the week leading up to Easter. Each day you’ll find something for children of all ages:

  • Scriptures related to the events of that day
  • Inspirational messages for families
  • Music and video ideas
  • Fun and meaningful activities
  • Festive recipes
  • Beautiful fine art pieces

Families will be reminded of Jesus as they experience Palm Sunday, Cleansing Monday, Parable Tuesday, Betrayal Wednesday, Last Supper Thursday, Good Friday, Salvation Saturday, and Easter Sunday. The Holy Week will draw your family closer to Christ this Easter and help you celebrate the true meaning of this important holy day.

To This End Was I Born
by David J. Ridges


All hope, life, and mankind hinges on one momentous week:

The last week of the Savior’s mortal life. With characteristic clarity and insight, best-selling author and renowned gospel teacher David Ridges walks us through Christ’s final days in mortality, reminding us that Easter is, above all, a celebration of GOD’S LOVE FOR US.


A Book of Mormon Easter

by Michelle Kendall5

Experience Easter through scriptures, lyrics, and artwork in A Book of Mormon Easter. This inspiring book can be used in your home and at church to tell the Easter story as it was witnessed by the Nephites in the Book of Mormon.

This book contains artfully designed excerpts from Easter-related hymns and Primary songs. You can find the full sheet music for each song in the LDS hymnbook and the LDS Children’s Songbook.

Celebrate the Resurrection and the Easter season throughout the year with A Book of Mormon Easter.

The Savior’s Final Week

by Andrew C. Skinner


Andrew C. Skinner’s deeply instructive works Gethsemane, Golgotha, and The Garden Tomb are combined in this single volume to help us more fully comprehend the miraculous, transformative power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. In his thoughtful and inspirational way, Brother Skinner offers profound insights into the culminating events of the mortal life of our Savior.

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Marriage & Family

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Simple Ideas, Lasting Love

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love—that’s the challenge! How can you keep your relationship fresh and growing amid the demands, conflicts, and just plain boredom of everyday life?

In The 5 Love Languages, you’ll discover the secret that has transformed millions of relationships worldwide. Whether your relationship is flourishing or failing, Dr. Gary Chapman’s proven approach to showing and receiving love will help you experience deeper and richer levels of intimacy with your partner—starting today.

Includes a His and Hers Personal Profile assessment so you can discover your love language and that of your loved one.

Married And Still Loving It  by Gary Chapman

Long marriages are a gift… but they aren’t always easy.

You know yourselves better. You’ve learned to cherish the small things.

And yet, anxieties over grown children, worries about money and health, and feelings of disappointment can challenge even the best marriages.

In Married and Still Loving It, renowned relationship expert Gary Chapman and Harold Myra offer wise counsel and practical insight on making your marriage thrive during these years. Real couples share honestly about their joys and struggles.

The Proclamation on the Family Made Easier by David J. Ridges

Unlock the mysteries of one of the most priceless revelations from the Lord! This invaluable study guide addresses the surprising number of issues covered in “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.” With an intentionally simple format, this book includes a copy of the Proclamation in each chapter and bold-faced subject matter for the reader to see “at-a-Proclamation-on-the-Family_David_J_Ridges_coverglance.”

Discover what the Lord has said on topics such as:

  • premortal existence
  • gender as a part of our eternal identity
  • the importance of marriage and having children
  • attributes of a righteous home
  • the equality of fathers and mothers
  • the causes of calamities in the last days

The Proclamation on the Family Made Easier is the perfect tool to enlighten our understanding of one of the most precious documents ever!


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The Family: A Proclamation to the World PERSONALIZED

Proc1020hOur LDS Department is now carrying a beautifully framed and matted print of The Family: A Proclamation to the World which includes a place to add your own 5×7 picture!

This item would make a great wedding, anniversary, or Christmas gift, giving the gift receiver the option of placing a family photo, a wedding photo, or a photo of their favorite temple.

We have limited stock, so be sure to come in a grab yours before it’s too late!