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Unique Boutique!

What a lot of people don’t know, is that our store is filled with much more than just books! We also have toys and games, music, scrapbooking supplies, kid’s furnitIMG_8793EDITure, and even a boutique section!

In this boutique section, you will find jewelry for every age; from young girls to older ladies, you are sure to find something perfect to match your outfit. We also have a HUGE variety of scarves; from soft and silky to warm and cozy. And don’t forget about our hats. If you are wanting to find the perfect hat to make you feel stylish or that crazy, funny hat that your friends will love, we have it.

We have purses, wallets, t-shirts, pillows, and decor. This boutique section is awesome! You’ve got to come and check it out! Displaying IMG_8793EDIT.jpg

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Get Ahead On the After Christmas Sales

And so it begins! The mad rush for after Christmas deals. I always envy those who get ahead on their Christmas shopping for next year–it makes everything less stressful 11 months down the road. Here’s the low-down on current Book Table after Christmas sales:

From now until December 31…

All Christmas sheet music and music books: 30% off

As of today…

Kids and General Christmas books: 40% off

LDS Christmas books: 25% off

LDS Christmas CDs and DVDs: 20% off

Christmas cards, jewelry, and home decor: 50% off

Of course, sales change pretty often. So, be sure you ask the cashier before you buy to make sure you know what’s the most up-to-date sale price. People keep asking about a calendar sale, and for that I have no answer (as of this writing). Keep checking back and see! For now, there’s plenty to get your hands on at marvelous rates.

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Terra Mia

Linda Grayson’s Terra Mia jewelry is handmade by women who live in different areas of the world and now make a living wage using beading techniques unique to their culture to make beautiful jewelry. Some form cottage industries and co-ops, and Terra Mia boasts a socially-responsible Fair Trading mission. It’s pretty neat to feel that you are supporting not a sweat shop in some third world country, but an industry that is breaking onto the world stage.

It's not just a bracelet...
...but a hair ornament!
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Watch Candice on Studio 5 today

Hi everyone! Just so you all know, our manager Candice is going to be on KSL’s Studio 5 today at 11 a.m. She’ll be showing our new line of jewelry: Vintaj, a natural brass jewelry. It’s really adorable and neat because we put it all together in-store. We’ve already had people express interest in buying the display items, and we were just taking pictures for the show at the time. Wow! 

She will also be showing you how to use the Sizzix machine, which can cut different materials like metal to make textured impressions. If you look closely in the picture, you’ll see examples of work from the Sizzix, like on the bracelet sitting by itself on the top right.

Click here to visit Studio 5’s website and watch the video of the segment. Good job, Candice!

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~ New Gifts ~


We have received a new shipment of music gifts!
We now have available a wonderful assortment of gifts appropriate for students and teachers!  We have mugs, music bags, notebooks, and carry busts of the composers.

Looking for an inexpensive reward for your students?  These cute PVC bracelets are available with button music charms!  Reward them with a new charm for every level they pass off!  These are available in a variety of colors for both boys and girls.

We have a great selection of gifts for under $10.  The “I love Music” bracelet, cute eighth note or sixteenth note earrings, and instrument pins are perfect for end of the year rewards!

Do you have a musician in your family that has a special birthday coming up?  We have silver hairclips for girls, and tie bars for men.  Plus hats, T-shirts, aprons and umbrellas!  Come inside and see for yourself!