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Christmas Music

We have everything to satisfy your Christmas music needs! Come in to see our entire selection!

We have Christmas lesson books, piano solos, piano duets, and piano/vocal/guitar. We also have Christmas songbooks for band and orchestra.

Take a look at this year’s Christmas books that were featured in the Herald Journal:

The LDS Christmas Songbook


Christmas Classics for Solo Piano

arranged by Marshall McDonald


That’s Christmas to Me

by Pentatonix


Christmas Kaleidoscope

arranged by Robert S. Frost


Christmas Kaleidoscope II

arranged by Robert S. Frost



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We Have Pianos!

The Book Table has electric keyboards and pianos!  Beginners and professionals alike use Yamaha instruments to compose, create, and perform.  We offer the best that Yamaha has to offer, at great prices.

The Yamaha P-115 and P-45 are the first of their kind.  For the first time, Yamaha has created a keyboard with the same 88 keys and weighted, piano-like keys, combined with the portability and affordability of a keyboard.  The user friendly features, and improved sound make this keyboard perfect for home, studio, or stage use.  The Book Table also offers stands, and benches to complete your keyboard outfit!  Come into the store to experience these amazing keyboards!


The Yamaha Arius YDP-143 is the perfect family piano, at an amazing price.  These electric pianos feel and sound just like an acoustic piano, but is small enough to move, and easy to maintain.  No tuning required!  With 128 note polyphony, and Pure CF Sound Engine voices, you can sound like a concert pianist without leaving your living room.  Available in rosewood or black, this instrument will fit nicely into any room, and is easy to assemble, so you can get playing!
The Yamaha Piaggero NP-31 is a light, simple, and stylish portable piano.  With Yamaha’s impressive stereo sampled grand piano sound, combined with its lightweight and compact design, this is the perfect, personal piano.
The Book Table also has two, used grand pianos available!
Our Baldwin Artist Grand is one of the last of it’s kind.  It was made in 2007, only a year before this model was discontinued.  This black, high gloss piano is 6’3″, and sounds beautiful.  When this piano was new, it would have been sold at around $38,000.  Our sale price is only $16,000!  Please come in and have a look at this beautiful instrument.
We also have a 5′ Young Chang Baby Grand.  This is an older instrument, built in 1990.  It is a nice compact size, but it has all the beautiful sound of a larger grand.  This matte brown finished piano is sure to impress with it’s beautiful sound.  Models like this could usually sell at $10,000-$13,000.  The Book Table is selling the beauty at $6000!  Don’t forget to come have a look at these beautiful instruments!
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Welcome, Kim!

imageWe are happy to welcome a new member to The Book Table family…Kim! Kim works mainly in our Music department, and loves to help customers find the right piece for them and their students. We decided to sit down and get to know her better..

Book Table: What brings you to Logan? 

Kim: I am attending Utah State. I’m majoring in Health Education and Promotion with an emphasis in Community Health. I’ll be starting my third year in the fall.

Why do you like working at The Book Table?

Umm…why do I like it? I like my coworkers. The customers are nice, and I like all the variety that the store has.

What’s your favorite department at The Book Table?

My favorite department…I’d probably have to say the music section just because I’m a piano player.

Oh, that’s cool! How long have you been playing the piano?

I’ve been playing since I was five. I’ve been teaching since ’07.

What is your favorite color?


Do you have a favorite book?

Not necessarily a favorite, but I’m currently reading the series Children of the Promise. And I love those books.

Come in and say “hi” to Kim! She’d be happy to help you find some music or recommend a great book 🙂

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Don’t Forget to Sign Up for the Willis Piano Workshop!

& True

Thursday, July 12, 2012
9:30 am, registration begins at 9 am
RSVP by June 30

The Book Table is sponsoring a FREE piano workshop from the Willis Music Company on July 12. We will be hosting it upstairs in our Concert Hall, and Eric Baumgartner is teaching. His many published piano works include the jazz exercise series Jazzabilities. He also creates MIDI/CD orchestrations for many popular Willis publications including the Teaching Little Fingers to Play supplementary series and the John Thompson Popular Piano Series. He has conducted clinics throughout the United States and Australia, sharing with teachers his effective jazz pedagogy techniques.

Don’t forget to RSVP by June 30!
Call us: 435-752-3055
-or come in-store.

Questions? Comments? Can’t hold back the excitement? We understand. Call us or come in-store to speak with one of our Music representatives.

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‘The Hunger Games’ is here!!!

Hey guys! Great news! We have recently acquired the greatly-anticipated Hunger Games piano solo music! It includes pieces such as “Reaping Day” and “The Countdown”, and other fabulous music from your favorite moments in the movie. It is available right now in our Music Department, so head on over and get your copy before it’s gone!

We will be getting the Piano/Vocal/Guitar version of the book in a few weeks. So check back with us for that too!


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Josh Wright: The Two Piano Man

The other morning I was driving in the car with my mom, and a piano song was playing on Classical 89. Suddenly my mom burst out, “That’s ‘How Great Thou Art!'”

Patiently, I explained that no, it was just a nice arrangement of the very popular “Clair de Lune.” As the song went, however, my mom started hearing more hymn-like qualities in the music. We bantered back and forth, and I remained steadfast in my opinion that many classical pieces have parts that sound alike. As the song ended I was ready for the name of the piece to be announced so my mom would understand that it was just classical music.

To my surprise, the announcer said it was a unique arrangement on piano of Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” and “How Great Thou Art,” by a Utahn named Josh Wright.

“Ha! I told you so,” my mom said.

I have learned to never argue with my mom, because she is always right.

I recognized Josh Wright’s name from a poster we have up in our LDS Audio Music section, because we sell his CD. Not only is he dashingly handsome, he can play piano extremely well. And while I am not sure how much more talent it takes to play two pianos at once (you may tell us in your comments below), it sure looks impressive.


P.S.: I had our own Josh the Piano Man–he works in the Music Department–watch the video, and he says while it does require more skill to play two pianos at once, it’s not that much more difficult. Which, of course, led me to challenge him to try it sometime. Who knows? Perhaps we can post it on this blog for you all to see. Stay tuned…

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>Welcome to the new Music Dept. manager!

>Candice Kempton decided to retire as the manager of the music department at The Book Table.  While we are sad to see her go, we are happy that she is still here teaching and working a day or two a week.  Taking her place is Lauren Shanley.  Here are some fun facts about Lauren:

  • She has been a private Vocal and Piano teacher since 1996, in the states of California, Washington, and Utah
  • Lauren is Adjunct Vocal Faculty at USU
  • Has her BA in Vocal Performance from California State University – Chico
  • Organized and participated in a tour through China for the CSU Chico Opera Workshop
  • Moved to Logan 4 years ago from Everett, WA where she had a private studio and worked at Kennelly Keys Music.
  • Has been a member of American Choral Directors Assoc., Music Teachers Assoc. of Calif., Washington Music Teachers Assoc., and is currently a member in good standing with the National Association of Teachers of Singing.
  • Lauren loves marching bands! In college she recieved both a vocal scholarship, and a scholarship for the marching band colorguard
  • She was a singing telegram!  (and still does them on request)

Lauren is excited to be at The Book Table, and promises to keep the high level of excellence we have come to expect.  Lauren performs around the valley, and can be seen this summer in the UFOC production of Boris Godunov.  She loves the Logan community and lives with her husband and two children in River Heights.