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Sidewalk Sale!

Downtown Logan’s annual Summer Sidewalk Sale starts TODAY, July 7th and ends Saturday, July 9th. Come check out all the awesome deals we will have out in front of our store!


The 2015 Downtown Logan Sidewalk Sale Has Begun!

Well, the Sidewalk Sale has officially begun and we are all super excited! A bunch of our music books are on sale. All books with a red sticker are marked at $5.00 and all books with a orange sticker are marked at $1.00. Also in music, just during the sidewalk sale, select electric keyboards will be 20% off. What a deal!

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The rental DVD’s from the old used-books store, Books of Yesterday, were brought over to our store when they went out of business. They are no longer for rent, but we do have them for sale! There is a bunch still here so come check out the selection! They are $2.99 each or 4 for $10.00.

Displaying IMG_5406.JPGIt has taken us a little while to sort through everything, but a lot of the old used-books from the store, Books of Yesterday, were also brought over to our store and they are now out on the floor for sale! Come stop by to see the great selection of LDS non-fiction and fiction books!

Now is the perfect time to come by and shop for any winter and fall dresses while they are on sale! Items are marked at 30%, 40%, 50%, and even 75% off retail price!

For all those scrap-book lovers out there, come stop by and see all the fun things we have on the sidewalk, as well as up in our crop room. Select paper is marked at 50% off and select embellishments are marked at 75% off.

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And who could forget about all the toys? We have a HUGE selection of toys that are marked at 40% off and 50% off.

So be sure to drop by and check out our great sales. And while you’re here, take a look at what the inside of our store has to offer; not all of our great sales are outside under the tent.

Don’t forget about our author signings! Thursday, July 9th from 4:30-7:30 PM and Saturday, July 11th from 12:30-4:30 PM!

The 2015 Downtown Logan Sidewalk Sale Authors and Artists

The annual Logan Sidewalk Sale is this weekend July 9th-11th during regular store hours.

Every year at the annual Downtown Logan Sidewalk Sale, we invite local authors to come and sign their books and this year we are bringing in an artist to come share his artwork in our store. It  is going to be fantastic, and we’re excited to announce these authors and artists will be with us this Thursday, July 9th from 4:30-7:30 pm and this Saturday, July 11th from 12:30-4:30 pm

Thursday, July 9th               

Paul Parkinson will be coming to sign his popular new release Unselfish. “A beautiful collection that illustrates one of the best common grounds upon which we all can stand: care for each other.” — Joel Hunter.

Seth Sorensen, a Utah native, will be signing his book A Utah Story. From dinosaurs to Olympic medals, Utah’s story is action-packed and full of adventure. This fascinating book brings Utah history to life. Whether you’re an active Utahn or you’re just passing through, you’ll love reading about the unique stories, events, and people that shaped Utah into the great state it is today.

Steve Hegji, experienced hiker and wildflower enthusiast, has scaled mountain heights to bring you a priceless collection of over 200 different flowers indigenous to the Wasatch Region.  He will be here to sign his book, Wasatch Wildflowers, an indispensable guide to recognizing the simple beauties all around you; sometimes even in your own backyard

Steve Mackley will be here to show one of his paintings, Valley Treasure. This wonderful piece of artwork will bring the blessings of Cache Valley into your home or business all year long.

Saturday, July 11th

Doug Mottenen from River Heights will be signing his book If Barns Could Talk: Stories of Utah Barns, a great book featuring stories and beautiful photographs of historic Utah barns, including three barns from here in Cache Valley!

Ken Godfrey will be signing his book Logan, UT: A 150 Year History. For more than 150 years Logan has not only been the largest city in Cache Valley, but also the county seat of Cache County, Utah.  There are 454 pages of informative information about the history of Logan, City in this book. This book will refresh your memory, and you will enjoy the stroll down memory lane!

The 2015 Downtown Logan Sidewalk Sale is Next Weekend!

It’s that time of year again! The annual Downtown Logan Sidewalk Sale is next weekend July 9th- 11th during regular store hours!

Make sure to especially stop by Thursday, July 9th from 4:30-7:30 pm and Saturday, July 11th from 12:30-4:30 pm for a couple author signings during the sidewalk sale event! To read more about which authors will be here at what times, stay tuned for another post all about it.

The Sidewalk Sale: July 9, 10, & 11 from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Swing by to see what all the stores in Downtown have to offer. For more information go to www.logandowntown.org.

Hope to see you there! 

2014 Sidewalk Sale!

saleWe will be participating in this year’s Downtown Logan Sidewalk Sale
on July 10, 11, and 12 during regular store hours

Be sure to drop by and check out our selection of books for only $1

We will also have music books priced at $1 and $5

And we can’t forget about our author signings and live music performances!

You won’t want to miss this fun weekend. So be sure to walk by the store this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and take advantage of these amazing summer deals!

2013 Logan Sidewalk Sale Recap

We had a lot of fun at the Sidewalk Sale last week! Thank you to everyone who came out. Here’s a quick recap of our weekend:

The Sidewalk Sale started early Thursday morning. It looked like it was going to rain (like it seems to do every year), but we really only got a few minutes of drizzle. The wind was pretty powerful, and at one point we had two of our employees outside holding down the tents so that they wouldn’t blow away! It was really fun to set up and help people find such great deals. We were busy–just the way we like it.

Friday was a little warmer and we didn’t get touched by a single drop of rain! We were so busy that we ended up staying open a little later to accommodate the customers who were browsing under our tents.  It was a beautiful day.

Saturday was definitely our busiest day. We had some authors come and do signings, as well as live entertainment provided by Lorisa Pulotu. The authors had a lot of fun talking to people about their books and even giving pointers to aspiring writers about getting published. We always love to have authors come and do signings; they do such a great job of showcasing their work, and it’s great to hear them talk about the special worlds that their characters live in. Check out some of the pictures we took on Saturday:

image (11)

Lorisa Pulotu performing with her daughter for some fans.

image (9)

Mr. Morris was signing his book Daddy Diary, which is a super cute book filled with stories about being a father.

image (10)

Cindy Bennett was signing her books Rapunzel Untangled and Geek Girl. She informed me that Geek Girl is her favorite book that she’s ever written, and it was the first one that was published by Cedar Fort.

image (8)

Heather Frost was signing her new book Guardians, which is the third book in the Seers trilogy. She’s a USU alumni, and a lot of fun to talk to!

2013 Logan Sidewalk Sale Author Signings

Today is the day! Our authors will be here signing from 10-1, so be sure to check em out!image (7)

Also, Lorisa Pulotu will be performing with her daughter during the signing. You definitely don’t want to miss her!

Logan Sidewalk Sale 2013: It has begun!

Well, the Sidewalk Sale has officially begun! And I have to say, our set-up this year is pretty fantastic. A bunch of our music books are on sale for only $5.00. And I spotted some Snark brand string-instrument tuners for only $4.00.

image (4)

A view of our under-the-tent music section, as well as some of our dollar books

We’ve got loads of books on sale for only $1.00, as well as some on sale for 50% off the lowest marked price. These books are usually the first to go, so don’t procrastinate! We’ve got children’s books, fiction books, LDS books, self-help books, activity books, and many, many more.


 And who could forget about the dresses and toys? Many of our children’s and LDS items are marked at 30%, 40%, 50%, and even 75% off retail price!


 So be sure to drop by and check out our great sales. And while you’re here, take a look at what the inside of our store has to offer; not all of our great sales are outside under the tent. 

Don’t forget about our author signings on Saturday! To read more about the who and the what, click here. Lorisa Pulotu and her daughter will be performing Saturday morning as well, so don’t forget to come in and check them out 😀

The 2013 Logan Sidewalk Sale is This Week!

Are you ready for the 2013 Downtown Logan Sidewalk Sale? We are!

image (2)

We have been busy this last week setting up a bunch of our sale items for your perusing pleasure.

Be sure to stop by on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to check out some of our great deals.

We’ll have music, toys, games, and books on sale, some for as little as $1.00 a piece. 

image (1)

Also, don’t forget about our author signings on Saturday. Read more about the who and what here.

image (3)

Hope to see you there! 🙂

2013 Logan Sidewalk Sale Authors

Every July for the Downtown Logan Sidewalk Sale, the Book Table brings in some superb authors to do a signing of their work. These authors will be here Saturday July 13th  from 10-1 only, so make sure to drop by and get a book or two signed!

  • Doug Cloward, will be signing his book Securing Your Family’s Legacy, a great book all about changing your attitude toward your heritage.
  • Greg Ford will be signing his book No Girls Allowed: Cookbook for Men which is full of great manly meal ideas such as “Too Hungry to Cook Chili”, “Meatballs… Bold and Unafraid”, and “Spontaneous Combustion Soup”.
  • Suzie Roberts will be signing her book Busy Moms on the Go, a great cookbook for moms who need an easier solution to having dinner on the table every night.
  • Christina Dymock will be signing her book Young Chefs, a fantastic cookbook geared towards children with the slightest amount of adult-required help.
  • Cindy C. Bennett, who has nailed the clean YA genre, will be signing her books Rapunzel Untangled, a modern retelling of the classic Rapunzel story, and Geek Girl.
  • Cami Checketts, romantic suspense novelist extraordinaire, will be signing her new books Broken Path and Poison Me.
  • Bill Jensen will be signing his book Adder in the Path, a historical novel about the Mormon War in Missouri.
  • Heather Frost will be signing her new book Guardians, which is the highly-anticipated finale in the Seers trilogy.

This year we are also proud to present singer/songwriter Lorisa Pulotu at the sidewalk sale. Make sure to stop by and see her!

Hope to see you there 🙂